Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book Review: Blue Eyes by Jerome Charyn

An exquisite hard-boiled mystery awaits you in Blue Eyes: An Isaac Sidel Novel by Jerome Charyn.

Manfred Coen is Hollywood gorgeous and has a penchant for ping-pong. He is Issac's man and everyone knows it. Once Issac falls from grace, Coen's easy rise to the top stalls and the resentment of every rank-and-file detective is focused on the young blue-eyed cop. He is assigned to track down the kidnapped daughter of a porn-film producer, but there are a lot of people eager to see him out of the picture, including a crazed hitman.

This is an e-book reprint of one of Charyn's earlier releases. With a gritty style that defines the genre, the author delves into the lives of Manfred Coen and Isaac Sidel with persistence and precision.

Before the reader unfolds a literary crime novel that captivates and digs deep into the lives of its characters. Charyn spends a great deal of time developing Coen, Sidel, Arnold the Spic, the Chinaman and others. The story evolves slowly, and once the reader is done, she knows every part of it.

The material is a bit dated, which accounts for its lack of political correctness, but it's genuine for the world in which Coen and Sidel exist.

Blue Eyes isn't a normal read for me, but I enjoyed it.

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Price: $9.99
Release: April 10, 2012

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The Secret Life of Emily Dickinson said...

Gotta love a review that melds "hard-boiled" with "exquisite" - a perfect metaphor for the wild adventure that is this genre-bending cult classic. So far The Book Connection has never steered me wrong. THANKS for reading and recommending.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the compliment.

Tribute Books said...

Cheryl, thanks for being a Jerome *super* fan :)