Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Spotlight: Cathead Crazy by Rhett DeVane

My friend Rhett DeVane has a new book out. I'm so excited for her. Every book of hers I've read, I have loved. Here's more about her latest Southern fiction release.

How does one middle-aged woman juggle her roles as wife, mother, coworker, and caretaker and resist the urge to drive, one-way, from town? Hannah Olsen daydreams of such an escape.Hannah belongs to the sandwich generation, one of many women wedged between nurturing children and caring for aging parents. Her elderly mother Mae-who lives nearby in an assisted living facility-is at times profound and funny, or bullish and ill-tempered. Hannah balances her reality with Mae's often demented view, with hilarious and bittersweet results. Though Hannah allows her two siblings to contribute, she shoulders the majority of Mae's care as they negotiate a maze of hospital rooms and rehab units. Cathead Crazy is the poignant, amusing, and truthful story of one woman's determined journey through love, loss, and the surprises of mid-life.

"In 'Cathead Crazy,' Rhett DeVane tells Hannah’s story with grace, sweet-and-sour reality, humor during hard times, and a heaping helping of the down-home Florida Panhandle lifestyle. Immensely readable, this novel is about a family caught in the crosshairs of the difficult choices everyone with aging parents will ultimately face. Even so, there are still good days, laughter and memories that will serve well for a lifetime.

Rhett DeVane knows the territory, and she has made of it a moving story with realistic, multidimensional characters with universal cares and needs who try their best to navigate life without going 'cathead crazy.'

The eight recipes, including 'Ma-Mae’s Buttermilk Cathead Biscuits,' are a mouthwatering extra treat."

--Malcolm's Round Table


As a native of the South, Rhett DeVane pens fiction that draws readers into the region--its people, its color, its flavor. She is the author of four southern fiction novels set in the Panhandle of Florida: The Madhatter's Guide to Chocolate, Up the Devil's Belly,Mama's Comfort Food, and Cathead Crazy.

Rhett coauthored a political drama, Accidental Ambition with retired state of Florida senator Robert McKnight.The novel won a Premier Book Award for 2010. A vampire parody, Evenings on Dark Island, was coauthored with Larry Rock.

Humor provides a continuous thread in all of her writing, regardless of the genre. Rhett seeks to tell stories with heart, in ways to entertain and uplift. In her words, "I try to shed a little light in this dark world."

Come join Rhett on the front porch. You'll feel as if you're among friends. She'll save you a rocker, a cathead biscuit and a glass of sweet tea.

Visit Rhett's website for news of upcoming releases and a taste of the Deep South at its best.

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Sun Singer said...

I would have enjoyed "Cathead Crazy" even if I didn't recognize all the locations in the book.