Friday, April 6, 2012

Book Review: Abby Finds Her Calling by Naomi King

When Zanna Lambright doesn't show up for her wedding, it breaks James Graber's heart. She soon comes sneaking back to her older sister, Abby, the local maidel for advice. In addition to stitching up clothes in her sewing shop, it seems Abby is often found mending torn relationships in the Cedar Creek community.

James has no idea that Abby carries a torch for him, but he is happy to have his good friend by his side to help him deal with being shamed by Zanna's disappearance. Abby always seems to know exactly what to say and do to make him feel better.

When Zanna's secret is revealed, Abby steps in to make sure she is treated fairly. Then tragedy strikes a family in the Cedar Creek community. Can they all put aside their feelings and help their own?

Abby Finds Her Calling is a beautiful story of faith, family and forgiveness. King has developed a cast of interesting and engaging characters whose lives you can't help but care about. Watching to see how the community and the disgraced families deal with Zanna's disappearance keeps readers turning the pages. Once her secret is revealed, the reader can't pull herself away.

It's nice to see how the characters develop in Abby Finds Her Calling. There are many who experience a transformation in one way or another. While there are main characters, King maintains that feeling of community throughout the book instead of focusing solely on Abby's role.

If you enjoy Amish fiction, Abby Finds Her Calling is an excellent choice. I eagerly await the next book in the Home at Cedar Creek series.

Title:  Abby Finds Her Calling
Author:  Naomi King
Publisher: NAL Trade; 1 Original edition (February 28, 2012)
ISBN-10: 0451235738
ISBN-13: 978-0451235732
SRP:  $14.00

I received a free paperback copy of this book from the author through Pump Up Your Book in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no monetary compensation of any kind for this review.

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