Saturday, January 21, 2012

E-Book Review: Don't Be A Dick (Advice for Writers) by Mike Cooley

If you're looking for a very short (10 pages) book with some basic, common sense advice for writers, then pick up a FREE (at least of as right now) ebook, Don't Be A Dick (Advice for Writers) by Mike Cooley.

From social media to book reviews, from beta readers to editors, from blogging to book signings and beyond, Cooley provides a humorous but helpful set of rules that will help writers navigate the murky waters of the publishing industry. Published in fiction and non-fiction, Cooley knows from wence he speaks.

Some of the important things he discusses are:

* Not using social media solely to promote your work,
* Do not respond to bad reviews,
* Say thanks for good reviews,
* Treat the people who show up for book signings like royalty,
* Don't be a know it all.

There's more to this book than that, but you get the jist. Despite the cuss words, it's a handy little book to have around. It would be a good idea to keep it on your desktop for the times you're tempted to do something that might be disastrous for your writing career.

Title: Don't Be A Dick
Author: Mike Cooley
Publisher: Smashwords

I downloaded a free copy of this book from I received no monetary compensation of any kind for this review.

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