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Guest Blogger: Dana Pratola, Author of The Covering

Today's special guest is Dana Pratola, author of The Covering.

Gunnar doesn’t think he’s worth saving – if there is such a thing. He doesn’t want anything from a God who failed him so bad in the past. Tessa is determined to keep him alive. But how much can she do when he refuses to be helped?

Opposites Attract by Dana Pratola

Tessa loves the Lord and does her best to serve Him. Gunnar wants no part of a God Who failed him so badly in the past. She’s genial and sweet, always willing to help. He’s arrogant and hostile and wants nothing more than to be left alone. Well maybe one thing…death. What better recipe for love?

The concept of opposites attracting works well in the pages of my book, but what is it that draws two people from vastly different planes and experiences to one another in real life?

Let’s look at a typical “good girl” falls for “bad boy” scenario. I took a poll recently, asking what makes a “bad boy”, and what is it that people find attractive about them? Most said a bad boy is someone who doesn’t conform to rules but does their own thing their own way. Also, a man who had a dangerous job or performed dangerous tasks could be considered a bad boy by some. Once the definition was established, I asked why someone (an opposite) would be interested. Excitement was the primary answer when applied to the bay boy.

What of men who aren’t skirting danger every day, or keeping women on the verge of temptation with their brooding eyes and crooked smirks? Those for whom excitement isn’t looming on the horizon? The every guy?

I’m sure there’s some clinical label that encapsulates the reason, but in my observation it’s human nature to want what we cannot have. It’s true of possessions, job opportunities, dietary restrictions, and I think it applies not only to people in general, but specifically to character traits. We’re often drawn to those who possess qualities we wish we had.

But I also happen to believe it’s God’s way of providing a means to develop those qualities we’re lacking in ourselves. If not for our mutual love of Christ and a love of walking in the woods my husband, Rob, and I would have virtually nothing in common. I’m pretty laid back, he’s intense; I’m not a big worrier, he stresses over most things; I’m always right, he’s always wrong. Yet somehow the relationship works, not always smoothly, but well-enough to maintain a 30 year relationship. Part of the reason is he had qualities I wanted. For example he’s an extrovert and thinks nothing of being the first to enter a room of strangers or confront someone on an issue. Things that make me – an introvert – uncomfortable.

Whatever your opinion, there’s no question opposites attract. Just keep in mind that on the novel page, opposites work best when they’re pitted against one another. In real life, not so much.

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Dana Pratola is a 47 yr. old mother of 3, married 25 yrs. The Lord is her Savior, writing is her passion and publishing inspirational books that show the grace of God is her ministry. You can visit Dana online at

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