Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blow 'em away on April Fool's Day! Buy a Copy of Mama's Comfort Food by Rhett DeVane

The gang from Chattahoochee returns for another humorous,
heartfelt tale of love, courage and the love of family and friends.

When Joe and Evelyn Fletcher's deluded daughter returns home,
the family and community hunker down to help her through the fight for her life.

In the South, food equals love and comfort, and the cast of Mama's Comfort Food serve up heaping helpings of both.

A note from Rhett:

For some reason, this date has been pivotal in my life. I hope this year to make it as pivotal for women who are battling breast cancer.

My new novel Mama's Comfort Food is available online with Amazon as both a print and Kindle version.

This book holds a special place in my heart. It's about love, forgiveness, courage and the bond between a mother and daughter. It's also about overcoming breast cancer.

I have pledged a percentage of royalties to A Woman's Place, here in my city of Tallahassee. This amazing group of people provides support and encouragement for breast cancer patients in our area. First, local baby steps. Then, hopefully, to a more national outreach from one author to women (and men) everywhere.

If you were here, I'd invite you to the book launch. We could hug and share a few southern snacks, and I'd sign a book for you. Since you aren't, I invite you to help me blow Amazon away on April 1st. You will get a funny and touching southern story--one I have worked very hard on--and I will turn around and shift money to help breast cancer patients. How many times can you honestly say you know for certain that what you touch goes out to do good for others? Here's your chance. I will make it happen.

Please, do share this with your friends. If you are like me, you have loved ones who have received the shocking diagnosis, and sadly, many of us have lost friends and relatives to the dreaded disease. Help me strike back. I am one small southern voice (actually, I do have a pretty big mouth, in person) and I don't have the push of a huge New York publisher. My small independent publisher is wonderful, though, so I am fortunate.

I believe in the power of people. I see how networks of friends can change the world.

Mama's Comfort Food by Rhett DeVane

Blow 'em away on April Fool's Day!

Here are the links to the Amazon pages. See, wasn't that easy?

Mama's Comfort Food (Kindle version)

Mama's Comfort Food (print version)

My best to all of you.

Rhett DeVane

Rhett is a friend of mine. I've loved everything by her that I've read, and the two previous books featuring the gang from Chattahoochee have a special place on my bookshelf. I hope you'll consider purchasing a copy of Mama's Comfort Food on Friday, April 1st. I plan to purchase a copy in memory of my mother, Dorothy Jean (Fontaine) Gevry, who lost her battle with cancer on December 18, 1982. She was only 47. I also hope to honor my friend Lorrie, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is on the road to recovery, and I hope and pray she remains cancer free for many years to come.

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