Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Romance Novel Event: Saving Christmas by Clare Revell

Rather than do the expected thing, Christmas Daniels, pursued a high powered career in London, flying across the world, never being home long enough for anything. When her father is taken ill, she returns to Hollies Christmas Emporium, an all year round Christmas shop to run it in his absence.

Matt Pringle, store artist and accountant, doesn't make a good impression on his new boss when he accuses her of stealing his parking space. Wanting to make up for it, he tries to impress her, but ends up falling for her instead.

When the store is threatened with closure, Christmas, who insists on being called Chrissie sacrifices everything to try to save it. A committed Christian, Matt knows that Chrissie needs saving just as much. Will their growing attraction help Matt save Christmas before it’s too late?

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Taking a deep breath, he stuck out a hand. “Can we start over? My name’s Matt Pringle. It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Daniels. How’s your father doing?”

Her hand was cool, yet her touch burned him. “It’s Chrissie, please. I called earlier and they said he had a good night. I can go in at two. Now this parking space of yours...”

“It’s yours. I can walk. It’s not that far and I have an umbrella. I’m sorry I was late.” He looked at her. “I’ll go and get started.”

“Sure.” Chrissie flopped down at the desk. Matt looked at her. Her skirt was wet, her shoes ruined and she looked exhausted. Her blue eyes and black hair looking almost bedraggled, if eyes as lovely as hers could look bedraggled. She was the most amazing woman he’d ever seen.

Matt turned and left the office, almost colliding with Grace and a tray of tea and biscuits as he went down the corridor. “Sorry, Grace. Say, what do you know about her?”

“Chrissie? Known her for years. She hates her name with a passion. Her parents expected her to run this place when she graduated, but she chose a partnership in a large firm in London instead. Shame really, the job changed her, she doesn’t have time for anything anymore.” Grace smiled at him. “Trust me, not even you can work your magic on our Christmas Ivy Daniels.” She headed into the office, pushing the door shut behind her.

Matt pursed his lips. He couldn’t let that happen. There was something about her; something lost that drew him to her. She was lost and needed help, whether she knew it or not—and he was determined to give it to her.

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"What a wonderful, heartwarming little book! I loved it from page one."
--Delia Latham, author of Destiny's Dream
"Clare Revell does it again with this beautiful story of hope and redemption."
--Mary Manners, author of Tender Mercies

Clare Revell is a wife and mother of three grown children. She is the author of Saving Christmas and Season for Miracles. She likes to read, write, and cross-stitch.

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Raquel Byrnes said...

Oops! Dastardly auto text correct! What I meant to say was congratulations on the release. I liked your excerpt...sounds like a delightful read.

Clare Revell said...

Thank you :) Yeah, this one was a fun one to write.

Ellen said...

Sounds like a fantastic book. I love Christian romances and will have to check this one out.

Michelle V said...

Looks like another great one!

Marianne Evans said...

Great post - and love the excerpt, Clare! Saving Christmas is an excellent read -- enjoy!! God bless ~

Marie Beau said...

Wonderful story! I loved it!pated

Mary Manners said...

Hey Clare,

Saving Christmas was a joy to read. I can't wait for your next Christmas treasure!!!

JoAnn said...

Hi Clare,

I noticed this book is one of the bestsellers for WRP on Amazon. WTG!

Clare Revell said...

thanks for the lovely commments.
JoAnn - no I didn't know that :) Thats made my day.

Tanya Stowe said...

How exciting, Clare. Best-sellar! I'm so pleased for you. I'm going to read this one soon even though it's not the season!

Cheryl said...

Isn't this a busy place for a Saturday. Thanks for stopping by. Clare, this book sounds wonderful. Best of luck with it.


Mayra Calvani said...

Great excerpt!

Kate Dolan said...

What a beautiful cover! Framed, it would make a lovely Christmas decoration. (Yes, I know the story is the most important part, but I've had 8 covers and never really liked any of them so I'm just jealous!!) I think it's a lot easier to interest people in a story with a great cover like this one.

Clare Revell said...

We're blessed at white rose not just with great editors but also great cover artists. I've loved both my covers and I'm sure all the white roses will say the same thing about theirs too :)

Rebecca Camarena said...

I'll have to remember this one for my mom, she like Christmas themes.