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February Romance Novel Event Giveaway: Snakes & Jails & Puppy Dog Tails and Luck of the Irish by Mallary Mitchell

Spinster Arabella Trask loves only one man, but he betrayed her. Levi Wallace left her for another and married the woman who carried his child. Now a widower, Levi is injured and desperately needs Arabella's help. Can she risk her heart again?

As he lays dying from a snake bite...

Levi's one regret is losing Bella. He never had the chance to tell her the child wasn't his. He married to save his brother's sorry hide and give the child a name. He longs to have Bella in his life again--will it take divine intervention to get her back?

30 Pages, Sweet (Historical)

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Jackson Springs, Arkansas 1870

“You can’t let him send me to the state penitentiary, Levi. They’ll kill me in there.”
Levi Wallace turned away from his incarcerated brother. He put his palms flat to the wall and rested his forehead against the cool bricks. What his brother asked of him was impossible. He couldn’t do it.

Giles was two years his senior but often seemed so much younger. He was always getting into something. Levi hoped marriage to Hulda McFarland would mature him. It didn’t.

“Why couldn’t you keep your pants on?” Levi finally growled. “You have a wife. Isn’t one woman enough? And if you had to fool around, why on this earth did you choose the sheriff’s daughter?”

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"This is the kind of story that could easily be made into a full-length novel. Ms. Mitchell has done an amazing job of conveying a whole lot of story in carefully constructed pages. The writing is excellent and makes the journey seem entirely too fast, to the point that you’ll think of the characters long after “The End”. I ached for both Levi and Bella, and as the story unfolded felt my heart melt as they the parted lovers learned the truth and found their happily ever after."

--Long and Short Reviews

Sergeant Ian O'Reilly must find his brother, captured by Confederate forces, but he needs a little luck. Ian's company occupies New Bern, North Carolina, but New Bern holds many treasured memories including those of the lovely southern belle, Olivia Coltrane who stole his heart.

Olivia Coltrane doesn't think about the war. Her parents' deaths has forced her to work as a nurse to support herself and her daughter. When a group of soldier come under her care, she is devastated to find Ian among the wounded. Can their love be rekindled, or does this Yankee have a hidden agenda?

60 Pages Sweet (Historical)

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Olivia cupped Ian’s cheek, and teardrops plunked on his chest. He wiggled a bit as she placed her palms on either side of his face, her sweet breath brushed over his cheeks and lips. “Ian? Can you hear me?” For a moment her voice was hopeful. She dropped her head and placed her ear over his heart once again, and her hand gripped his bare shoulder.

"You can’t leave me.” She repeated. “I forbid it. I can’t live without you.”

He couldn’t bear anymore of her sorrow. He lifted his free arm and placed it around her waist.

“Shhhhh, it’s all right, love. I’m not going anywhere.” Speaking was more difficult than he’d anticipated, but he managed a scratchy whisper as he stroked the small of her back. She went still, then stiffened and reached back to remove his hand.

“Ian O’Reilly?”

“Yes?” His throat felt like it had been rubbed with sand.

“How long have you been awake?”

He didn’t answer. She lifted her head, and her eyes flashed fire.

“You lying Irishman!” Her husky voice shook, and she swiped at tears. “How dare you make me think you were dying when all you were doing was faking? Have you been awake the whole time?”

"Mallary Mitchell does a good job of putting us in the situation and yet not getting sidetracked in all the history. There is so much going on in the civil war that we could have gotten lost in any number of areas, but the story stays in its little area, with the characters while explaining all we need to know for the setting and each person. I really enjoyed Luck of the Irish..."

--Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Mallary Mitchell fell in love with writing at age ten. Two years later she became hooked on romance while staying with her grandmother who always had a big stash of “happily-ever-afters”. When not writing, she spends time with her children who also share her love of writing.

Visit Mallary online at The Wild Rose Press website.

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