Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review: Falling Home by Karen White

From New York Times bestselling author, Karen White, comes a story of family, love, and coming home.

Fifteen years ago, Cassie Madison left Walton, Georgia with no intention of returning. She moved to New York City and reinvented herself, leaving no trace of the Southern girl who played pranks for attention.

But then the call came.

Cassie's father was dying and he refused to leave this world without seeing her one more time. The passing years haven't helped heal the broken heart Cassie suffered when her sister, Harriet, ran off with her fiance, Joe and got married. They have five children she has never even met. But Cassie's plans to leave immediately after the funeral are squelched when she inherits the family home.

She decides to stay in Walton long enough go through the piles of mementos in the attic and sell the family home. Will that be long enough for Cassie Madison to discover that Walton, Georgia and all the people in it are still dear to her heart?

Superb! Phenomenal! Outstanding! These words and more describe the moving story you'll discover when you pick up a copy of Falling Home.

I've been a fan of White's work since The House on Tradd Street. Each book of hers that I read reminds me why I love her work and encourages me to look for her new releases. Fully fleshed out characters who draw you into their stories, the charm and beauty of the South, and intricate plots that often include family secrets, fill the pages of her novels.

In this revamped version of the book originally published in 2002, White has taken what she's learned since the early years of her writing career and recreated Cassie's story, adding in two additional points of view--that of her sister, Harriet, and also of her oldest niece, Maddie, who many say is too much like Cassie not to be her daughter. I would love the opportunity to read the original version of Falling Home, as well as its sequel, After the Rain, which White also hopes to revise and release again.

There were moments while reading Falling Home that I laughed, and there were many times I cried. This is a beautiful story of coming home and discovering all the things that never let home truly leave your heart. It's a story of family, forgiveness, love, and secrets. Falling Home is a classic Karen White story. The only problem with it is that it is so addicting, no matter how late it is, you'll want to read just one more chapter.

Visit the author's website at to read about her next novel, The Beach Trees, which is due out at the beginning of May. She's also working on the third book in the Tradd Street series, and I'll definitely be looking for progress on that one.

Title:  Falling Home
Author:  Karen White
Publisher: New American Library
ISBN-10: 0451231449
ISBN-13: 978-0451231444
SRP:  $15.00

Also available in a Kindle edition!

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