Sunday, October 10, 2010

Author Spotlight: ZombieStop Parade by ZombieStopperUno

This story has nothing to do with zombies. It's about a couple of renegade punks who conduct an online campaign of ridicule against the cash-grab mentality, and get themselves into some trouble.

The story is set against a backdrop of millennial-generation alienation. Students who grew up dreaming of stock options, now look forward to a future of working for paltry wages, if they're fortunate enough to find a job at all. The struggle of the characters to deal legitimately with this inter-generational social conflict, is the heart of the story.

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Jilian’s been an environmental advocate since she was ten years old. Her friends used to call her, Eco-Geek, and she was fine with that. One time she was at a meeting for her climate change group, and she met someone there who told her about Corky Club. She was interested and talked the guy into taking her there. He must’ve given her some advice on how to dress, because she didn’t show up in her usual upscale attire. I don’t remember what she wore but she must’ve dressed down quite a bit, so as not to stand out as an obvious interloper.

I don’t envy Jilian with the pressure she has to be exceptional. A lot of this pressure comes from her parents, but she gets it from her friends as well. All of them want to feel justified in their privilege. This has to suck for someone whose talents are as relatively ordinary as Jilian’s are. I feel fortunate that my parents have such limited expectations for me. I’m in the same boat as Jilian ability-wise. I’ve been described as just smart enough for it not to get me anywhere.

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ZombieStopperUno is a big fat trouble-maker. He always has been, and barring a successful intervention to get him to submit to the counseling he needs, he always will be. Despite being well aware of his disputatious tendencies, he makes no attempt to reform himself. He is a product of society's ill-advised policy of abandoning corporeal punishment for "high-spirited" children. His case is a classic example of the hazards of tolerating non-conformant youth. He should be ignored by all right-thinking adults. If you choose to give him the attention he so desperately craves, you need to understand that you are contributing to the problem, and that makes you a trouble-maker as well.

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