Saturday, August 7, 2010

For the King by Catherine Delors -- Book Review

If you enjoyed Mistress of the Revolution by Catherine Delors, then you'll want to own a copy of her latest novel, For the King.

On Christmas Eve in 1800, First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte is on his way to the Opera when a bomb explodes on Rue Saint-Nicaise, narrowly missing Bonaparte and maiming or killing dozens of bystanders. Chief Roch Miguel has been given the task of apprehending the assassins in a city of millions, many of whom support King Louis XVIII and will do anything to overthrow Bonaparte.

The line between friend and foe is soon blurred, and Miguel is forced to trust those who most likely will betray him. Will he catch those responsible for the Rue Saint-Nicaise atrocity before the tumultuous situation in postrevolutionary Paris becomes more personal?

Bravo to Delors for following up the smashing success of Mistress of the Revolution with an equally wonderful new novel. Rich in detail, eloquently written, she pulls the reader into Napoleonic Paris with an intriguing tale based upon actual events. Blending historical and fictional characters into a thrilling investigation where revenge and betrayal play major roles, the reader follows Miguel as he seeks to uncover the hiding places of the assassins, despite the numerous obstacles placed in his way.

His personal problems are equally absorbing. His beautiful, married mistress with whom he is in love, seeks a ring. There is, of course, also Alexandrine to consider. Miguel's father had arranged a marriage between Roch and Alexandrine, and it seems she is more than willing to wait.

Character driven historical novels don't get any better than For the King by Catherine Delors. Masterful storytelling set amid the backdrop of political turmoil makes this an excellent novel. I highly recommend For the King and eagerly await this author's next book.

Title: For the King
Author: Catherine Delors
Publisher: Dutton
ISBN-10: 0525951741
ISBN-13: 978-0525951742
SRP: $26.95

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