Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Book Preview: Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball

An engaging paranormal fantasy story that will leave you wanting more is what you'll find in Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball.

Dancing Cat has been shunned by her tribe and is now known only as Cursed One. Once a messenger, she is treated with disrespect by everyone and not allowed to ride; even her own mother and grandmother curse her existence. If not for her sympathetic brother, who secretly provides crumbs and castoff clothes, she would starve or freeze to death.

Despondent, Dancing Cat wishes to escape into death and be free. Looking for a sign, she steals the sacred bundle, which leads to an amazing transformation not even she could have foreseen.

Injured and now in a man's body, she is befriended by Bearclaw who is on a spirit quest. He shows her a kindness she had long ago stopped hoping for from anyone. Knowing she must return home to face additional punishment, she struggles with her growing friendship with Bearclaw and her new identity.

In this short, yet, splendid paranormal fantasy eBook, readers enjoy a unique story with a magical twist that changes the life of its main character. While I am not a huge fan of the fantasy genre, the tribal and mystical elements intrigued me, which is why I asked to review it. After watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and reading Marilyn Meredith's Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, I am eager to read more books containing these elements.

Ball develops her characters nicely, making you sympathize with Dancing Cat's plight. That she finds what she was looking for in a member of a rival tribe, and that Bearclaw discovers friendship with her while on his spirit quest, makes for a touching story. As they share their secrets, they attempt to forge a friendship despite the obstacles that stand in their way. Ball certainly knows how to use conflict to move the story along.

Harvest Moon by Krista D. Ball is just one of the debut releases coming from MuseItUp Publishing in October 2010. It is certainly one you'll want to take the time to read over and again.

Title: Harvest Moon
Author: Krista D. Ball
Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9865875-0-4
Reviewer's note: Slight hint of bisexuality

Read more about author Krista Ball at http://kristadball.com/. Check out other titles from MuseItUpPublishing here.


Lin said...

What an excellent posting. Being one quarter Native American I am always interested to see how other portray America's history. Harvest Moon and Krista D. Ball shows great honor and respect for America's story.

Krista D. Ball said...

Thanks for the review, Cheryl.

Lin - sadly you might be disappointed with Harvest Moon. The First Nations people in the story exist in what's today Northern Alberta :)