Saturday, July 17, 2010

New Books for the TBR Pile

I remember this time last year. I returned home from vacation and there was a huge pile of padded envelopes sitting on the kitchen table containing various books I had requested to review. This year was no different. Well, it was a little, because though I did receive some new books that go into the TBR Pile, I used gift cards to pick up 7 books just for the heck of it. If I read them, great. If I don't get to them for a while, I won't sweat it.

Here are the latest additions to the TBR Pile:

The Chill of the Night by James Hayman. Review scheduled for 8/27.

Renters Win, Home Owners Lose by Tom Graneau. Review scheduled for 9/15.

The above two books are from clients of Pump Up Your Book Promotion, but they are not my clients, so I didn't receive any monetary compensation to review these books.

Also received were:

The Big Ten of Grammar by William B. Bradshaw, PhD

The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin

Drawn to the Land by Elizabeth J. Cockey & Barton M. Cockey

Books I purchased with my gift cards include:

Small Town Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Lost & Found by Jacqueline Sheehan

The Reckoning, The Shunning, and The Confession by Beverly Lewis

The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher (I've wanted this book since it first came out.)

Here's the Story by Maureen McCormick

I also received Engaged in War, the second book in the French Letters trilogy by Jack Woodwville London. This came from the same publicist who sent me Bradshaw's, Lakin's, and Cockey's books, but I don't recall requesting it. I read the first book in this series, Virgnia's War: Tierra, Texas 1944 and it wasn't my favorite historical novel. I think part of that is because I typically prefer Civil War era novels. I am going to give it a shot when I get a chance.

So, as you can see, I will be busy reading a lot of the time.

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