Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's About Time by Harold C. Lloyd -- Book Review

How many times have you wished there are more hours in the day? While author, business owner, and professional speaker Harold C. Lloyd can't hold back time, he can show you how to find 5 more hours each week.

In this excellent addition to the numerous books available on time management, Lloyd provides business people with the tools they need to become more productive and efficient, while molding them into better leaders. It's About Time will teach you how to:

* ZAP Distractions

* Make To-Do Lists that work

* Delegate effectively

* Make meetings meaningful

* Recruit more carefully

and more!

By performing a 20-Minute Disappearing Act before starting each day, you'll be in the right frame of mind to tackle the never ending issues you'll face. And this act is not what you might think!

Learn the importance of never accepting an uncompleted task back from one of your subordinates, and what happens when you do. It's About Time will show you how to use progressive discipline, and will discuss the importance of addressing concerns right away. You'll also discover how you should spend the last ten minutes of each day.

I've read more than one book on time management, and I write articles on time management and organization geared toward writers on a regular basis. When Brigantine Media asked if I would be interested in this book, I wasted no time in saying yes. I'm definitely glad I got the chance to read it. I especially enjoyed how each chapter's concepts were explained to the reader using the experiences of two aspiring business people. This helped to show the reader how to apply the concepts from this book to his work routine.

It's About Time will make a difference in the type of business leader you are and it will make a significant impact on how effectively your business runs. Don't be surprised when those around you notice the change and begin wondering how they can find their five extra hours each week.

I highly recommend It's About Time by Harold C. Lloyd. Businesses of all sizes can learn a great deal from Lloyd's experience.

Title: It's About Time
Author: Harold C. Lloyd
Publisher: Brigantine Media
ISBN-10: 0971154295
ISBN-13: 978-0971154292
SRP: $19.95

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