Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cover Art for The Little Shepherd Boy by Cheryl C. Malandrinos

This is officially a jump up and down, squeal like a little girl moment. When I checked my email tonight, Lynda Burch, owner and publisher of Guardian Angel Publishing had sent me a copy of the cover art for my book, The Little Shepherd Boy, which is due to be released this fall.

I was already familiar with Eugene Ruble's work before he was contracted to design The Little Shepherd Boy, so I knew the cover art would be wonderful; but I had that tense moment before the file popped up on my screen that said, "What if I don't really like it?" I hope that's normal.

I absolutely love this cover! I'll have to send Eugene a note of thanks this week, so I don't forget. My intentions are good, my brain is not always there. I also need to stop referring to this as my book. Eugene and I are collaborating on this project, so it's really our book.

I would appreciate some feedback from you, the readers of this blog, and hopefully future fans of Obed's story, The Little Shepherd Boy. What do you think of the cover art?

Thanks for all your support. Look for more information regarding The Little Shepherd Boy as we get closer to release time.


Rebecca (Zoie) said...

I understand the excitement of getting the first illustrations back -- and especially seeing the cover. I remember when my illustrator gave me the first peek at what she was doing and I was just blown away. It's like, "Wow, this really looks like a real book!" Of course it does -- it IS a real book. :) I think it must be a lot like having a baby -- you know it's coming, you know it's a real baby, but then when you SEE it -- wow.

Cheryl said...

At least I won't need to count to make sure all the fingers and toes are there on this one. LOL!

Thanks for stopping in, Rebecca.