Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Truth, Next Exit by Michele Paiva

Have you struggled with weight, wellness, addictions, relationships or work? This spiritually based book is set up with the idea that when you begin reading it, it will lull you comfortably into motivation and creating changes “now”.

Essentially, when you open the book you are on a journey, and as you read you have opportunities to “drive” or apply these ideas into your life. The book is set up as a no-excuses approach; if you say you believe in scripture you can’t pick and choose when to apply scripture to your life; it’s immediate connection, which also, helps take immediate action. You may be comfortably motivated but it may bring upheaval and some hard truth to swallow, so be prepared for no-excuses scripture to change your life.

Read an Excerpt from Truth, Next Exit: No Excuses Scripture as your Personal Trainer and Life Coach!

…Abraham has three guests; one states that Sarah will have a son. She mocks him and then God announces that he will destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot and his wife flee, are warned to not turn back, the wife turns back to view and turns to a pillar of salt.

Later, Abraham is asked to sacrifice his son, he makes all intention to do so, as much as bringing the knife above the boy on the alter he has made, and an angel appears to him to stop him; God responds with a promise to Abraham and in exchange for his obvious obedience, “All ye nations of earth shall bless themselves by your descendants”. Jacob collects statues and accuses others of stealing his idols.When we practice idolatry, we are really placing importance on something as it if were more important than it is. We do this with entertainers, celebrities; vain attempts at our external image and more. We also do not place the correct weight upon honesty.

…Some of us use truth in ways meant to hurt others; telling someone that they are inexperienced in spite of their good ideas and motivations because perhaps we fear them rising above us. Is it true that they may lack experience? Yes. But should that truth be used, or manipulated, to hold against them? Pick your battles and focus on truth and it’s part in peace. If you use truth as a weapon it loses authenticity.

These passages from the Torah or Bible can teach us so much about us and others. It is wonderful that Sarah welcomes visitors and drops what she is doing to feed them. We have food shelters now, but how often would we welcome people into our home in the same breadth?

We have lost the luster for personal relationships and outreach has become more contrived. When we say we volunteer we are correct; when we say we help others, we do so, but more superficially.

Our world has become idol worship focused and we show this even in outreach. We brag about helping others and it is an “event” to help others. How many of us help others in silence, without public reward or group effort?

We focus on the beauty around us; we want to look beautiful. We want our children to look beautiful. We buy jewelry and fancy clothes and cars, and continue to focus on the beauty of our homes and lives in almost every way.

Again, we focus on false idols. We say we don’t but we give a lot of time, energy and money for celebrities to live honored lives while we actually as a whole, give far less to those who are hungry.

So, we take something not beautiful. Dust and dirt. We try to rid ourselves of such. But without dirt, we would have no gardens, yards, playgrounds, and acres of forests. Dirt is really, more beautiful than a diamond.

So, in your worst moments, realize that you may be looking at the wrong focus, the wrong idol, and that maybe you are much more amazing than you think. Maybe the very people you should be focusing on, are the very people you’ve ignored.

When you look at yourself, before you leave your home, how much about you do you change? Or, how much do you wish you could change?

What are areas of your life you are 100% happy with?

When you think of things you feel are beautiful, what are they? Would you rather have a garden to feed you endlessly or riches to show off to others?

What are ways you can begin to see the light within yourself without comparing yourself to others?

What can you do, to create more personal relationships even while volunteering? How can you help those you volunteer for, to be touched by your generosity?

Read the Reviews!

“This book asks many questions and slyly leads one to understand that the only one who can answers these questions is you. It reminds you that there is a higher power who can help you through your life challenges, yet shows you that you need not believe in organized religion to believe in that higher power. It poses questions that, if you are honest enough to answer them, can help guide you to the self realization that your problems are not insurmountable and can be dealt with. This book is an easy read and extremely helpful. Thank you Michele for this wonderful book and for the inspiration to improve my life through the principles you have discussed." -A. Timothy Fowlar

Much like the patchwork of a quilt, Michele Paiva’s experiences seem topically eclectic but are sewn together by a love of empowerment, justice and spirituality. A former broadcast news anchor, broadcast reporter, telesales spokesperson, television choreographer, print journalist, editor, yoga therapist, dance and yoga studio owner, myoskeletal therapist and legal advocate; Paiva has been dedicated to bringing a voice to others and helping others achieve. A former Mrs. Pennsylvania, a title won on a dare and at first in jest, Paiva is down to earth and approachable, and credits her diverse background as a way that she reaches wide demographics. Paiva enjoys collecting I Dream of Jeannie memorabilia, cooking, spending time with family and friends and honestly, being a couch potato when not being a yogi or hiking. Paiva lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her family and three rescue dogs who have taken over her world.

Paiva can be reached at www.michelepaiva.com where there are also free downloadable recipes and more.

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