Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love is in the Air -- The Book Connection's Romance Picks

Believe it or not, I used to shy away from romance novels. I'm not a very romantic person, and the romance novels from twenty years ago did not seem to have as much umph as the ones I've read over the past few years.

This is another reading lesson learned: never swear off a genre just because at some point you read a few books that you didn't care for.

As we get ready to celebrate Valentine's Day, here's a short list of some of our favorite romantic reads:

I have to thank Vicki M. Taylor for turning me back on to romance novels. I think this is the first book I reviewed for Pump Up Your Book Promotion in 2007, before I was even staff member.

Trust in the Wind tells the story of a young, single mother named Joanne, and Roy, the country sheriff who is still hurting from the loss of his wife and child during a burglary gone wrong. Superb writing made this a winner, and made me reconsider reading more of the genre.

I must also include Mistress of the Revolution: A Novel by Catherine Delors. While I love historical fiction, historical romance really wasn't too much on my radar--and I certainly wasn't thinking to read about anything set during the French Revolution. Excellent book that I would happily read again.

Her Warrior King (Harlequin Historical Series) is a book I won from a giveaway. A Harlequin Historical, this is another book I probably wouldn't have thought to pick up. Not typically a time period I would read about, but I was totally captivated by the story. The guy on the cover isn't bad either.

KILLER CAREER by Morgan Mandel was a book I requested to read. The unique premise of this book, the suspense, and the relationship between Julie and Dade made sure I couldn't put this book down.

Both Against Doctor's Orders and Beyond the Code of Conduct have made me a huge fan of K.M. Daughters. I have the third book of the Sullivan Boys series on my Kindle and can't wait to read it.

Cowboy Fling by Sherry James is sure to get your blood pumping. I've loved all of Sherry's books that I've read. I know she's got some other books in the works, so hopefully we'll see a new release from her soon!

Corrigans' Pool was a huge hit with me this year. The Civil War era is my favorite time period, so that is always a plus. But add to that the interesting characters, the engaging storyline, and the determination of Ella Corrigan, and you've definitely got a winner.

And last, but certainly not least, Wind of the Spirit (American Patriot) by J.M. Hochstetler captivated me from the very beginning. This is the third book of Hochstetler's American Patriot series. We will review the first two books in this series later in the year.

Books are the perfect gift any time of year. We hope you'll consider these fabulous romance novels the next time you're shopping.


Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks, Cheryl, for including Killer Career in your Valentine's Day picks.

Morgan Mandel

April said...

What a great selection of books!! I have read a few and loved them. I will have to check out the others! Thank, Cheryl!

Tribute Books said...

Thanks for sharing your picks - I'll be sure to make note of them :)