Friday, January 1, 2010

Against Doctor's Orders by K.M. Daughters - Book Review

Against Doctor's Orders is romantic suspense at its best!

Detective Danny Sullivan is brought into Dr. Molly Jordan's ER with a bullet wound. While Molly has never found herself attracted to a patient before, Danny stirs something inside her that she thought was buried alongside her husband, Eddie, a cop killed in the line of duty. Left to bring up their daughter alone, even after all these years, Molly is opposed to the cop life and all it entails; and Danny certainly isn't looking to get involved with another woman after his divorce left him bitter and not trusting women. But neither of them knew how their chance meeting might change their lives.

In this first book of The Sullivan Boys series by sister writing team, K.M. Daughters, readers are treated to a riveting plot that includes a mysterious serial killer who has a thing for red-headed women, a cast of complex and engaging characters whose lives you become totally immersed in, and a satisfying conclusion that will leave you wanting to read the book all over again. Though the cover of this one makes me shiver, it's perfect for the book.

I read the second book in this series, Beyond the Code of Conduct, last summer, and as soon as I read Against Doctor's Orders, I remembered how much I enjoyed Beyond the Code of Conduct and was tempted to pick it up again. Now that I know Bobbie Leighton's and Joe Sullivan's backstory, because they are secondary characters in Against Doctor's Orders, I'm sure I would be even more satisfied if I read Book 2 again, though they are perfect stand alone books too.

Romantic suspense novels are close to becoming my favorite genre because they offer so much, and K.M. Daughters has mastered that genre with a plot that pulls you in right away and characters you get so involved in that it's almost like they are part of your family. You just have to keep turning page after page until you reach that superb ending.

Now that Book 3, Capturing Karma is due out on January 13th, I am eager to read that book as well.

K.M. Daughters is a writing team to watch!

Title: Against Doctor's Orders
Author: K.M. Daughters
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 1-60154-350-6
SRP: $11.99 Paperback, Kindle edition $4.50

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