Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane--Book Review

If you've ever wanted to study the Bible, but...

* aren't sure how to get started
* feel overwhelmed at the thought of tackling such a large project
* don't know which method would work best for you
* are afraid you might not have enough time to squeeze it in

Then you need to pick up a copy of Learn to the Study the Bible by Andy Deane.

In a little over 245 pages, Deane has managed to make Bible study easy and manageable by providing 40 methods to help you "...discover, apply, and enjoy God's Word."

Deane starts off with defining the key components found in every Bible study, then breaks the study methods down into sections: Basic Bible Study Methods, Major Bible Study Methods, Creative Bible Study Methods, Studying Specific Passages, and Study Methods for Younger Students. The author brings you step-by-step through each method and then provides an example. Also included is a chapter on building a reference library.

In the past I have been hesitant to try and tackle a Bible study program, but now I feel I have the tools to select the right method for me that will help me to apply God's Word to my daily living.

Learn to Study the Bible by Andy Deane would make an excellent Christmas gift and would also help those who set learning more of God's Word as a goal for the New Year; but it is also for any Christian who desires to be closer to God and to understand His Word.

I highly recommend this book and hope that my pastor will consider stocking a few copies at our church.

Title: Learn to Study the Bible
Author: Andy Deane
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 978-1-60791-576-8
SRP: $15.99

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