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The Evolution Conspiracy by Lisa Shiel

Joining us today is Lisa Shiel, author of the nonfiction book, The Evolution Conspiracy, Vol. 1: Exposing Life's Inexplicable Origins & The Cult of Darwin.

A deceptively simple word that has transformed the way we look at ourselves and everything around us. Once considered unique, man has been reduced to little more than another animal, thanks to evolutionary theories. Textbooks present evolution as fact-indisputable, inevitable, and incomprehensible unless you hold a PhD in a relevant field.

Don't believe it. Anyone can understand evolution. And this book provides the tools!

Evolutionists push the idea that only religious zealots dispute evolution.
The Evolution Conspiracy exposes the faults in evolutionary theories, the half-truths, and the inconsistencies through a secular lens.

The Evolution Conspiracy takes on the challenge to demonstrate the real facts:

* Evolution fails to meet standard criteria for a fact or a theory.
* No one can satisfactorily define what a species is.
* The usual definition of evolution is so vague as to be meaningless.
* No one knows how life originated, or where the original living cell came from.
* DNA is not infallible (despite what CSI would lead you to believe).

Read. Think. Decide for yourself.

Lisa's turn:

Why write a book critiquing evolution? Aren't there enough of those out there?

I considered the reasons for writing The Evolution Conspiracy before I started writing the book. I didn't want to write the book unless I could make it different from others covering the same topic. As a novelist I've enjoyed dreaming up storylines unlike any I've read in other books. Yes, certain elements may be similar but this can be said of every book. I relish finding unique ways of combining the ingredients, with a dash of the unheard of and a generous helping of humor. When I thought about writing an evolution book, I knew I had to shoot for a similar result. But how could I accomplish my goal?

Most books critiquing evolution focus on creationism or intelligent design—promoting the author's beliefs rather than relying on the evidence alone. Many of those books are also dense (no illustrations), hard to read, pricey, or all three. While the authors present good information, the data gets bogged down in other stuff. It's a bit like reading a textbook without the guidance of a teacher. I've learned that most people learn best when they're entertained, when they can see what you're telling them about, and when you can engage them with your writing style. Evolutionists have learned this lesson too, as many authors of pro-evolution books employ humor and snazzy illustrations to make their points. Unfortunately most critics of evolution missed the lesson.

Once I recognized the common elements in evolution ciriticism, I realized I could contribute something new to the field. That's why I wrote The Evolution Conspiracy. My take on evolution revolves around three concepts:

1. The evidence can prick holes in the fabric of evolutionary theories all on its own.
2. Humor, real-life examples, and clear illustrations can make the data easier to understand.
3. A book criquing evolution can be accessible, easy to read, and affordable.

In The Evolution Conspiracy I mix hard science with humor to expose the bare evidence in just 156 pages. Clear illustrations, a complete list of references, a glossary, and a thorough index put the information you need to make up your mind at your fingertips. To top it off the foreword by Dr. Tyler Kokjohn, a microbiologist, offers a scientist's insight into the realities of evolutionary theories.

So why did I write The Evolution Conspiracy? Because no one else who critiques evolution has written a book for everyone—whether devout creationist, agnostic, or somewhere in the middle. Read the evidence, think about it, and decide for yourself.


Lisa A. Shiel researches and writes about everything strange, from Bigfoot and UFOs to alternative history. She has been interviewed for big-city newspapers, national magazines, drive-time talk radio shows, and TV news. She has a master’s degree in library science. As a fiction writer, Lisa developed the Human Origins Series—which includes the novels The Hunt for Bigfoot and Lord of the Dead. Lisa’s other nonfiction books are Backyard Bigfoot: The True Story of Stick Signs, UFOs & the Sasquatch (a finalist in ForeWord Magazine’s 2006 Book of the Year Awards) and Strange Michigan. Her latest book, The Evolution Conspiracy, Vol. 1, marks the initial release in a planned three-book series. Find her online at,, or on Facebook.


“Shiel is consistently convincing…evolutionary scientists have circumvented the true scientific method.”--Dr. Quinton R. Rogers, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Dept of Molecular Biosciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of California Davis

“A decidedly irreverent view of evolution…[Shiel] translates the off-putting jargon while outlining some major scientific hypotheses, warts and all.”--Tyler A. Kokjohn, PhD, professor of microbiology, Midwestern University

This book is available at Amazon as a trade paperback or in a Kindle edition.

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