Sunday, August 23, 2009

Song of Renewal by Emily Sue Harvey -- Book Review

A touching, heartfelt story of forgiveness and love can be found in Song of Renewal by Emily Sue Harvey.

Garrison, Liza and Angel Wakefield seem like the perfect family. What no one knows is how they sacrificed their own dreams for this perfection. When a car accident leaves Angel in a coma, the false perfection begins to give way, and Garrison and Liza's marriage crumbles. Can they rediscover who they once were and help Angel heal?

Song of Renewal is an inspirational story of one family's journey through a horrible tragedy that forces them to examine everything about the perfect life they created. Garrison and Liza both gave up things to gain this perfection; and even their daughter Angel is pursuing ballet only to please her mother. While Garrison and Liza are trying to find their way back to each other, Angel is hovering between life and death, with each passing day making the prognosis more grim. As a parent, I could totally relate to this aspect of the book, and the fear Angel's parents experience over the thought of losing her.

The passages between a comatosed Angel and Troy, her boyfriend, who she doesn't know died in the car accident, were extremely touching, and proved to create a fulfilling and satisying conclusion.

Both inspiring and empowering, Song of Renewal is a book that will be enjoyed by many.

Title: Song of Renewal
Author: Emily Sue Harvey
Publisher: The Story Plant
ISBN: 978-0-9816087-3-0
SRP: $19.95 (U.S.)

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