Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Visit The Kids Book Connection--NEW BLOG!!!

Considering that my first Christian children's book will be released by Guardian Angel Publishing next fall, and because the number of children's, young adult and teen fiction books we review continues to increase, I began a new blog.

Please visit The Kids Book Connection. While I admit that WordPress is not my favorite, I wanted to give it a try. Maybe if I use it more I will come to like it as much as Blogger.

I am in the process of adding old reviews from this site to The Kids Book Connection. I will leave the old reviews here, but once they are all copied to The Kids Book Connection I will no longer be posting reviews of children's, young adult and teen fiction books on this site.

The Kids Book Connection...where readers and children's authors connect!


Morgan Mandel said...

Good to know that when I finally get my book about Rascal published, there will be a place to connect.

Morgan Mandel

Cheryl said...

Thanks Morgan. I hope you'll pop in often.