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Three Ways to Find a Healthy Balance in Your Life by Kathy Balland

Today's guest blogger is Kathy Balland, author of Lose the Diet: Transform Your Body by Connecting with Your Soul

In Lose the Diet you’ll discover your power to achieve and maintain a healthy weight naturally without diets. Food deprivation is uncomfortable and ultimately causes weight gain. Instead, enjoy the good health and joy that you deserve. Lose the Diet shows you how.

• Drop the diets and the weight in a healthy and natural way.
• Find out why deprivation doesn’t work.
• Learn about the mind-body-soul connection’s effect on weight.
• Discover that happiness leads to a healthy weight rather than the other way around.
• Insightful tools and information that help you to find balance — from the inside out!

Kathy Balland, an expert in the mind-body-soul connection, teaches people how to tap into their own inner power for success. Clinically certified in hypnotherapy, her publications and seminars provide deep insights into the true causes and their remedies that prevent people from achieving their goals. Balland is a graduate of the University of Phoenix and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

She is clinically certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. As president of Blissful Publications and author of Lose the Diet: Transform Your Body by Connecting with Your Soul, Balland provides information to enrich and empower people to achieve happiness and success.

Three Ways to Find a Healthy Balance in Your Life

Often when we try to find balance – whether it is in our weight or in other ways, we search for the answer outside of ourselves. (In the case of weight management it can be diet pills, diet food or fad diets and counting calories.) These “quick” fixes are actually not quick, because we end up spending a lot of time (and money) going from one quick fix to the next.

However, the reality is that you already have the answer within yourself. After all, we are all different – with different wants and needs, which is a good thing! But because we are so used to looking elsewhere, we can become “disconnected” from what those wants and needs are. We can also lose our sense of self-esteem in the process – and self-esteem is a major key in finding balance.

The book – Lose the Diet: Transform your body by connecting with your soul was created to help you to reconnect and find that balance, and there are three tools from the book that are located on the resources page of the Lose the Diet website: (

The tools are:
1. Balance Chart
2. Affirmation Steps
3. Self-Guided Meditation

The balance chart helps you to discover your own inner wants and needs. The Affirmation Steps allow you to put those needs into a positive affirmation statement (which helps you to focus on your needs in a positive way, so that you can achieve success). The Self-Guided Meditation allows you to relax, re-connect and visualize so that you can reach your goal. (If you are familiar with The Secret – then you know how powerful the mind is!)

I do recommend that you sign up for the FREE half hour guided meditation audio, (on the left side of the resources page) which will help you to de-stress (another important part of finding balance) and it will introduce you to guided meditation so that you learn how to use the self-guided meditation. You will also receive a book excerpt and additional information through the Lose the Diet ezine.

The book Lose the Diet explains these tools in more detail, and provides additional tips and guidance for achieving balance from the inside out - but the three tools contained on the resources page will help you get started. Again, the page is: Enjoy!

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