Monday, June 15, 2009

A Talent for Quiet by Kim Chatel--Book Review

A book of photography, learning new talents, and accepting change comes to life through the talent of artist, photographer and author Kim Chatel.

Reanie has a new stepfather. He has a loud voice, likes sports, and makes their house seem too small when he's there. Bill also has many cameras, terribly breakable cameras that Reanie is not allowed to touch.

When Bill decides to go on a photo safari, he asks Reanie to come along. They pack up a picnic breakfast and head out in Bill's truck. After some lessons from Bill, Reanie begins snapping photos of the wildlife and soon discovers a new talent. She also comes to the conclusion that Bill isn't quite as scary as he first seemed.

What a wonderful book! Chatel's stunning photography and masterful storytelling create a beautiful story of a shy, young girl intimidated by her new step-father, who is able to discover a talent she never knew she had, while slowly getting closer to the new man in the house.

Chatel has a way with words that truly engages young readers and makes them want to keep turning the pages; and in this book, the photographs of the wildlife encourage young readers to learn more about the world around them.

Also included is a glossary of terms about cameras and photography tips for children and adults. The last page of the book contains facts about photography, making A Talent for Quiet an all around great read and learning experience.

Both my daughters enjoyed this book, and my budding photographer couldn't stop commenting on the beautiful photographs.

A Talent for Quiet is destined to win awards!

Title: A Talent for Quiet
Author: Kim Chatel
Publisher: Gaurdian Angel Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-935137-56-6
SRP: $11.95 (U.S.)


J.W. Nicklaus said...

I grew up with photography as both a hobby and pursuit. I attended my first year of college on a photography scholarship.

I also have a son, and can only barely imagine what it must be like to try to come to terms with a wholly different adult being part of your everyday life. The review alone is wonderful, but the concept is absolutely endearing :^)

It sounds like this may indeed be the kind of book that parents of children should share and discuss with their progeny.

Great review. I hope it means many a promising event for you, Kim!

Kim Chatel said...

Thank you for the nice comment! This book is special to me in many ways. First, I'm a stepmom and I think step-parents often get a bad rap. Second, it's illustrated with my photography and my family was the models. I will always cherish the memory of the day we shot these pictures in the creek. Much fun!

Thanks Cheryl, for a great review!

Susan J. Berger said...

Well written review, Cheryl. I, too, loved this book

Karen and Robyn - Writing for Children said...

Wonderful review! This book sounds great - I love the idea of bringing out hidden talents in children and exploring new family relationships.

Karen Cioffi