Saturday, May 9, 2009

May Special Feature: Remembering Mom by Margay Leah Justice

As part of our special May feature dedicated to mothers, I have asked some of my writing and blogging friends to share memories of their mothers with our readers. This one is from Margay Leah Justice. Margay is the mother of two wonderful daughters and the author of the book, Nora’s Soul. She can be reached at:

For me, one of my fondest memories of my mother was going to see Paper Moon at the local theater, just the two of us. This was quite a feat in those days as I came from a good-sized family and it was difficult to get alone time with Mom. Somehow, she managed it and the two of us went to the movie together. But it wasn’t just a movie, it was an adventure. Along the way, we stopped off in a perfume shop called Rickles and the shop lady dipped a blue feather in perfume for me. I remember treasuring that feather, sticking it in the back of a book to preserve the smell for as long as I could. I would frequently take it out, breathe in the pretty aroma, and remember how special I felt walking down to the theater with my mother. Just the two of us. I don’t remember much about the movie itself other than the fact that it starred Ryan and Tatum O’Neil and they portrayed a father and daughter con artist team in the depression era. What I remember the most was how special I felt sitting beside my mother in the darkened Movie Theater and having her all to myself for those precious two hours. It didn’t matter that we didn’t talk for most of that time; it was important just to be together. Now, all these years later with two daughters of my own, I hope that I leave good impressions like that upon them.


The Book Chook said...

What a lovely idea, and lovely story. I think the movie was Paper Moon.

Margay said...

Thank you, book chook. Yes, the movie was Paper Moon and that is about all I remember about it. The lasting memory is having time alone with my mother.

April said...

What an absolutely beautiful memory! Thank you for sharing, Margay! Memories are such important treasures to hold dear.