Friday, April 24, 2009

Where to Find Pump Up's Authors Today

Follow along as these talented authors travel the blogosphere with Pump Up Your Book Promotion to talk about their books, their lives and their future projects.

David S. Brody, author of The Cabal of the Westford Knight (Martin and Lawrence Press), will be stopping off at Beyond the Books! While trying to help an elderly couple save their home, attorney Cameron Thorne is thrust into a bloody tug-of-war involving secret societies, treasure hunters and keepers of the secrets of the Jesus bloodline. Joined by Amanda, a beautiful British researcher with secrets of her own, Cam races around New England with only two choices, unravel the 600-year-old mysteries encoded in the ancient Templar artifacts or die trying. You can visit his website at


Sheri Kaye Hoff, author of the inspirational nonfiction book, Keys to Living Joyfully (Createspace), will be stopping off at Paperback Writer! Keys to Living Joyfully is an inspirational book on experiencing joy, peace, passion, and energy in daily life. It is designed to demonstrate the powerful roles of thoughts, action, and faith. You can visit her website at


J.A. Hunsinger, author of the historical fiction novel, Axe of Iron: The Settlers, will be stopping off at The Plot and Fiction Scribe! The first novel of a continuing character-driven tale of a medieval people whose wanderlust and yearning for adventure cause them to leave the two established settlements on Greenland and sail west, to the unexplored land later referred to as Vinland. You can visit his website at


Alan Kennedy-Shaffer, author of the political nonfiction book, The Obama Revolution (Phoenix Books) will be stopping off at Minds Alive on the Shelves! The first book to be written by a campaign staffer and offering rare insider glimpses, The Obama Revolution explores how a generation of believers and the politics of hope won the presidency for Barack Obama and changed the world. You can visit Alan online at


J.W. Nicklaus, author of the book of short stories, The Light, The Dark & Ember Between (Bedside Books) will be stopping off at Write for a Reader and Blogging Authors! Fifteen stories: From the wispy fog of a love lost at sea, to an orphaned child who delivers a present of her own during a war-torn Christmas. These stories are gentle reminders to each of us of what it is to be human, and certainly of our affinity for the slightest glint of Hope. You can visit J.W. online at


Balthazar Rodrigue Nzomono-Balenda, author of The Depth of My Soul (I-Proclaim), will be stopping off at Scribe Vibe! The Depth of My Soul is a book or poetry that focuses on injustices such as wars, corruption, war crimes, religious fundamentalism, child abuse, and other types of abuse. The goal of this book is to share his approach with his readers about the problems we face in this world. You can visit Balthazar’s website at


Patti B. Ogden, author of the Christian children’s picture book, Keoni’s Big Question (Capstone Productions) will be stopping off at Promo 101! A boy who seeks answers about God’s presence in everyday life, finds his friend held the key to his revelation all along. This gripping tale follows a pair of dear friends on a fishing trip that turns dangerous, then miraculous, and leaves Keoni with more answers then he ever dreamed possible! Every child wonders why we can’t see God. Keoni’s Big Question makes the answer easy to understand. You can visit Patti online at


Richard E. Roach, author of the suspense mystery novel, Scattered Leaves (Multi-Media), will be stopping off at A Bookish Mom! When Ben McCord comes home from a business trip to find his young wife raped and murdered, he starts out on a journey of death and destruction. Clues lead him to a dark world of drugs and violence in action that spans Texas, Colorado, and the Mexican border. McCord hooks up with a beautiful doctor, who was also victimized by members of the same drug cartel, and together they track down the killers, surviving bloody confrontations, and ending with a suspenseful climax in the Big Thicket of Texas. You can visit Richard online at


T.E. Scott and Stephen Edds, co-authors of the business/personal finance book, The Losing Game: Why You Can’t Beat Wall Street (Hidden Truth Publishing, will be visiting The Writer's Life! T.E. Scott exposes the stock market and commodity markets for what they really are — brilliantly marketed rip-offs. The Losing Game simplifies a very complex system that Wall Street has designed to separate the masses from their money without accountability or prosecution. As a result of this design, they have tricked us into believing that the stock market and commodity markets are something they are not. You can visit them online at


Donna Lee Schillinger, author of the nonfiction Christian Living book, On My Own Now: Straight Talk from the Proverbs for Young Christian Women Who Want to Remain Pure, Debt-free and Regret-free (Quilldriver), will be stopping off at Book Talk with J & J! On My Own Now is about strengthening young women’s faith and preventing the screw-ups that can brand us for life. Donna Lee Schillinger draws on her eclectic past as a rebellious youth, Peace Corps volunteer, social worker, single mother, court mediator and executive director of a home for single young mothers. You can visit Donna online at


Lloyd Watts, author of the self-help/personal finance book, The Flow of Time and Money: How to Create a Full and Prosperous Life (Megawatt Media Corporation), will be stopping off at The Book Stacks! The Flow of Time and Money is a groundbreaking new book that will help you master the relationship between your time and money. Using simple, proven techniques and easy-to-understand diagrams, Dr. Lloyd Watts shows you how to take control of your income, expenses and time commitments in order to achieve wealth and personal fulfillment. You can visit Lloyd online at


Karen White, author of the contemporary fiction novel, The Lost Hours (NAL Accent), will be stopping off at Bookfoolery and Babble and Popin's Lair! Now a near fatal riding accident has shattered Piper’s dreams of Olympic glory. After her grandfather’s death, she inherits the house and all its secrets, including a key to a room that doesn’t exist—or does it? And after her grandmother is sent away to a nursing home, she remembers the box buried in the backyard. In it are torn pages from a scrapbook, a charm necklace—and a newspaper article from 1929 about the body of an infant found floating in the Savannah River. The necklace’s charms tell the story of three friends during the 1920s— each charm added during the three months each friend had the necklace and recorded her life in the scrapbook. Piper always dismissed her grandmother as not having had a story to tell. And now, too late, Piper finds she might have been wrong. You can visit Karen online at

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