Thursday, April 30, 2009

May NaBloPoMo

The Book Connection will be participating in National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) again in May. NaBloPoMo is where you commit to writing at your blog every day of the month, something I find much easier than trying to write a 50,000 word novel each November while trying to prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The coordinators of NaBloPoMo help bloggers out each month, by providing a theme for bloggers to write about. You don't have to use it--and I rarely do--but it is there in case you need some ideas on what to blog about.

With Mother's Day coming on May 10th, I thought this month would be a great way to honor mothers everywhere. All our special features this month will be books about mothers, motherhood, or parenting.

Here is a list of other May events at The Book Connection:

* Authors Dr. David Gruder, Abe March, Rie McGaha, Tim Kellis, Herbert Howard Jones, Dawson Church, Therese Fowler, Kandy Siahaya, Elizabeth Walker, and Kathye Quick will be our guest bloggers.

* We'll interview Barbara Weaver Smith about her latest book, Whale Hunting Women: How Women Do Big Deals and Hopeful But Frustrated Teacher (HBF Teacher) will give us a glimpse into America's public schools when we interview her about her realistic fiction book, No Teachers Left Behind.

* The Last Queen by C. W. Gortner and The Crypto-Capers: The Case of the Missing Sock and The Case of Red Rock Canyon by Renee Hand will be reviewed in May.

And don't forget that our Spring Book Giveaway is running until May 15th. You'll find details here.

Make sure you check back every day to see what is going on at the blog where readers and writers connect.

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