Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Special NaBloPoMo Feature - Giving Up by Storyheart

Continuing with our March Special Feature about the topic of giving up, today we welcome Barry Eva, also known as, Storyheart.

In the Church of England like the Catholic church we have Lent. It starts after Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day when we eat pancakes. English pancakes are more like crepes, thinner than the every day American pancakes, and bigger. We normally have them with sugar and lemon juice. The idea is that you clear your larder of any tempting stuff before Lent .

So for Lent this year I have given up my morning egg and bacon roll, and believe me that is some hard thing to give up as it's the fuel that starts my day. Thank goodness I still manage my pint of tea. To give that part up would leave one cranky bear.


Barry Eva (Storyheart)
Author of Across the Pond
Book Site:

The author Storyheart shows his obvious background as a writer of romance stories and does a masterful job of adapting the genre to a juvenile audience. However, despite the target age group, I believe that readers of all ages will be drawn to the characters in this book and the strength that they show through a wide range of emotional situations.

The compelling story created by the author will quickly separate across the pond from the pack.

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You'll find out review of Across the Pond here.

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Storyheart said...

Thanks for posting
An Englishman without tea can never be counted as being English *grin*