Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson--Book Review

On January 20th, the world will witness an historic event--the inauguration of Barack Obama. If you seek to learn more about how Barak Obama inspired a nation and captured the White House, you need to look no further than the engaging and fair, How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

A leading political analyst and social commentator, Hutchinson follows up his last two titles, How the GOP Can Keep the White House, How the Democrats Can Take it Back and The Ethnic Presidency: How Race Decides the Race to the White House, with an exploration into Obama's campaign from start to finish: what he did, what he didn't do, and what challenges he faced.

Americans' desire for change--something that Hilliary Clinton as an insider couldn't provide, how important or unimportant race would be in the 2008 Election, the state of the economy and the Wall Street Crisis of September 2008, Sarah Palin, and other issues that floated around from the day that Obama announced his intentions to seek the Democratic nomination, are put under a fair and balanced light to illuminate for the reader the elements that came into play and the decisions that were made to help catapult Barak Obama to the highest position in the land.

Conservatives, liberals and everyone in between will appreciate Hutchinson's writing style that allows even someone who does not regularly follow politics to understand his opinions, and yet, How Obama Won contains the right type of information to attract readers who have a working knowledge of the American political landscape. I can see this book being blogged about for months to come as polticial anaylsts dissect every facet of Obama's campaign strategy and continue to follow Obama's presidency.

While some readers may not agree with Hutchinson's assessment of Barack Obama as a "moderate centrist Democrat" and the author's comments about the Bush Administration, Hutchinson does an excellent job of showing how dissatisfaction with the current Administration played a huge role in Obama's win.

How Obama Won by Earl Ofari Hutchinson will not only be enjoyed by adults with an interest in politics, it would make superb high school and college reading material for social studies and current events classes of all kinds.

Title: How Obama Won
Autor: Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Publisher: BookSurge Publishing
ISBN-10: 143921929X
ISBN-13: 978-1439219294
SRP: $13.95 (U.S. Paperback) $9.95 (U.S. eBook)

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