Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Poet Laura Grossman and The Sighing of the Winter Trees

Today, poet Laura Grossman discusses her new poetry collection, The Sighing of the Winter Trees.

If I were to be alone I would notice the sighing of the winter trees and the warm glow of the fireplace. Hearts and flowers dancing in the night, leaves dancing in the wind, but honey, where are you! These poems all have in common those moments alone, which is what a lot of poetry is about.

Also poems can express romance and comfort--our office worlds becoming one as we stood together in-love behind the chocolate soda fountain at Woolworth's those magical afternoons!

Her Office World--Clocks, herbal tea and flowers chimed autumn goodbye as she addressed her last letterhead. Leaves fell in colors of orange, brown, and yellow past the window. He whispered "babe," her heart filled with tears and then...

Constantly Raining Autumn Leaves--She was in-love and her heart would constantly cry as if it were constantly raining autumn leaves.

I also express mystery in life--Dawn, Mysterious Dawn--and the tick- tock of the clock and after dark he came back as mysterious as dawn!

My book--The Sighing of the Winter Trees--has many poems that inspire those moments alone and help to heal the reader. The book takes the reader to a new dimension in life where the reader can express his feelings through beautiful poetry. We whispered Dawn--all throughout the night was a terrible storm, it rained and poured the angry winds...beneath the ocean storm and suddenly dawn it was beautiful dawn so momentous and wonderful our hearts whispered dawn!

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