Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen by Dr. J.R. Paine and Professor S.N. Gupta

Today's guest bloggers are Dr. J.R. Paine D.SC. and Professor Dr. S.N. Gupta, Ph.D. They will discuss why their book Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen is the only book on weight loss that you'll ever need.

Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen

by Dr. J. R. Paine, D.SC. and Professor Dr. S. N. Gupta, Ph.D.
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Let us now tell you how our Dear God book provides the one and only lifelong fat loss formula that is totally fail-proof. “Dear God, Let me Lose Fat, Amen” is not based on the same old, same old laundry list of do’s and don’ts, recipes and pre-cooked foods, diet pills and surgical procedures, hormonal injections and starvation. It is based on facts, rules and laws that universally govern the human body. This book and its lifelong fat loss formulas are based on the laws of nature, physics and science.

Believe it or not, your body is programmed, starting from the first second of its creation, by Nature. Nature sets your inner compass, biological hunger clock and internal cravings switch for a whole lifetime. No diet, pill, surgery or anything that is transported into the body via the mouth can reset and/or reprogram them. Not a trillion diets, not a trillion dollars, not a trillion scientists, doctors, nutritionists, governments, years of starvation, food deprivation, risky diet pills, hormonal injections. liposuctions, surgical procedures, Botox injections, punishing workouts, recipes, despair, pain, anger, and frustration hold the power to change the way Nature has programmed the blueprint of the human body and soul except on a very temporary basis and at heavy cost to the body. But, our “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book, based on the laws of nature, will do this job for you.

We humans are creatures of Nature and creatures of habits. Our brains form a million new connections for every second of our lives. It is in these changing connections that memories are stored, habits learned and personalities shaped, by reinforcing certain patterns of brain activity like desire for survival, health, vigor and vitality, and losing the craving for nutrient-poor, killer calorie-rich, high-fat, high-sugar and high-salt fatty Fast Delivery, Fast Foods and fluids.

Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” is a slim book packed with concentrated wisdom supplied by legendary thinkers, educators, scientists, philosophers, physicians, researchers over 2,000 years. This book houses the one and only, never before available, fast delivery system for Fast Knowledge and Fast Facts 30-second, Hot Tips Team of virtual nutritionists, tutors, trainers, bodyguards, and more to feed the brain the knowledge it must have to make the right health and weight decisions for the body it governs.

Dear God, Let me Lose Fat, Amen” is literally a “Pot of Gold” filled with health gain and weight loss, delicious nuggets of hot tips for instant, Nature approved results. For instance, dieters worldwide will be thrilled to know how to lose 150-200 calories in just 30 seconds. All they need do is look at Pages 28 and 31 of the “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book.

Dieters worldwide will be delighted to know how to naturally boost their metabolism by feeding their body the foods it must have to be healthy and by limiting the foods that carry acid/ash, killer/calorie, disease inducing foods. To own a list of “Foods to Eat and Love” and “Foods to Fear”, just see pages 47 and 48 in the “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” book. This is just a tenny-weeny sample. The Dear God book is loaded with know-how and hot tips ready to go to work to protect your health and weight.

The sole objective of “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen” is to ensure that everyone who owns a human body is able to benefit from Nature’s enormous healing power through our never before available counter-attack fast delivery, fast facts nuggets of knowledge nutrition for the BRAIN served by a team of forty 24/7/365, Auto Slim Hot Tips, virtual Therapists, Personal Trainers, Tutors, Coaches, Nutrition Bodyguards and other health Experts.

Readers will learn the easiest, safest and lifelong way in the world to protect and defend their health and body against obesity/overweight and 32 obesity related diseases. They will make exciting new ways to save time, save money and best of all save their health.

Having reached the Zero Obesity Zone ourselves by using our Patent Pending Auto Slim Hot Tips Team of Health Info-Experts, 24/7 Info-Therapists and Tutors and having sustained the compact body size for better than five years without starvation, food deprivation, risky diet pills, hormonal injections, liposuctions, surgical procedures, punishing physical workouts, pain, anger, and frustration, it is our joy and privilege to help others enjoy the incredible benefits provided by the newly minted virtual team of Health Experts (Patent Pending).

As health researchers, scientists and educators, our job is to make it simple and easy for you to comply with nature’s laws and rules. We have done so in the first book “Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen”. As British Lord of the Treasury, Dr. Charles Simmons said, “Sickness [disease] is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws.

The massive scope of the obesity and overweight epidemic that currently confronts the nation is not due to indifference. The simple truth is that most humans instinctively know that having their body covered with layers of fat endangers their life. In its May 19, 2006 issue, reports that “Nearly half of the people responding to an online survey said they would give up a year of their life rather than be fat; many said they would walk away from marriage, the chance to have children, be depressed, or become alcoholic rather than be obese.” Clearly, Americans have strong feelings about obesity. Yet, the number of obese Americans is rising rather than falling. The billion dollar question is “How did we get into such a severe health and obesity crisis and how do we get out of it?” The answer is: (a) For decades, we have had 100% easy access to fast foods but ZERO, ZIP access to Fast Knowledge.

Listen to what Nobel Prize Winning Physician Albert Schweitzer said, “Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.” And, listen to what Nobel Prize Winning Physicist Albert Einstein said ““Nature is the only trusted therapist”.

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