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Dissecting Strand from The Strand Prophecy by J.B.B. Winner

September is starting out exciting. I've gotten the chance to coordinate a virtual book tour for the amazing father/twin daughter writing team known as J.B.B. Winner (a.k.a. Jeff, Brittany, and Brianna Winner). Their book, The Strand Prophecy is the first in a six-book series about a reluctant superhero who delivers evidence of an ominous scientific discovery to the president and the world. This book has already won multiple awards.

The Winners are going to dissect Strand for us today as our guest bloggers.

Strand the superhero… dissected…

Strand Prophecy


Superheroes are selfless. They risk everything for others and expect nothing in return. So, as situational writers we had to create a very compelling reason someone would do that.

In The Strand Prophecy (Book I) Strand shows up at the White House to deliver documents to the president. He is uninvited and unwelcome, but his past has compelled him to take action.

When we first started to write Strand we decided that our superhero would not have any super powers, instead he would rely on his technologies and smarts. Since we wrote as a family (my daughters and I) we also wanted Strand’s past to be fatally ironic, something that really emphasized the true value of love and family and turned it into a burning desire to protect the innocent and become a super hero.

We also wanted to put our superhero into a situation where there was no singular villain, but a broader problem, one that seemed overwhelming and dangerous. His mission had to encompass the entire planet. In an abstract way, the entire situation became the villain, constantly creating new minions and dangers.

We knew what we wanted and it was time to create the puzzle pieces and fit them together… Here is how we did it in an abridged format.

Strand, a reluctant superhero is driven by his past to protect the innocent.
Steve Cutter A.K.A. Strand knew his science; he was obsessed with the human mind, the edge of cognitive thinking and the inner working of the brain. He rationalized that his work was of utmost importance, which overrode any family obligations, especially one that sounded like baby sitting.

That was his rationalization when his brother asked him to watch Anna. Steve refused and the ensuing car accident claimed both the lives of Jack and Lilly Cutter… leaving Steve, Anna’s legal guardian.

Over the years Steve Cutter learned through Anna what it was like to be a parent, to love a child, to have a family and a deeper meaning of life. She was not a burden, she was a joy and a reason for living. She changed everything in his world.

The memory of that fateful night haunted him; the realization that his brother had to die in order for him to learn the true meaning of life cut deep into his soul.

Then one day he made a scientific discovery. The sun had begun to emit a specific type of radiation, for the first time in tens of thousands of years. He found a correlation between the radiation and the time when multiple species of man existed simultaneously. He also discovered that during that same period there was a sudden diversification of life, most of which had subsequently become extinct.

He theorized that the radiation triggered a billion years of evolutionary information within the DNA making it active. That the DNA would in fact accelerate physical adaptations in all animals to environmental and emotional factors.

He concluded the planet was entering into a rapid evolutionary period cycle and that the largest source of food for evolving new predators was humans.

In the animal world the strong lead and it is the young who are the first to be eaten. The young are innocents…. Anna was an innocent….

He found his purpose: he would protect the innocent. It gave has life meaning and perhaps offered salvation from the burden of Anna’s parents' deaths.

His pledge to protect the innocent, brought him to the steps of the White House, unannounced and unwelcome.

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