Monday, August 25, 2008

Mishka: An Adoption Tale by Adrienne Ehlert Bashista--Book Review

Mishka: An Adoption Tale by Adrienne Ehlert Bashista is a wonderful and heartwarming story.

Mo, is a toy bear who lives on a high shelf in an airport gift shop. One day, a man and woman come into the store and the woman buys Mo. He wonders where they are going. Mo travels with them on a plane to a cold, different place. The woman gives Mo to a young boy named Yuri and many days pass before Yuri and Mo see the man and woman. But once they are back together again, Mo knows he's right where he belongs.

This is such a touching story that I almost cried. Bashista has created a unique perspective by telling the story of Yuri's adoption from Mo's point of view. Just as one can imgaine Yuri being unsure of all that is happening with the man and the woman who played with him for a day and then left, leaving Mo behind; Mo also experiences his moments of uncertainty. And while I don't know a single word of Russian, Bashista provides the right amount of action tags and description so that the reader knows what the characters are saying. I truly enjoyed, however, how she didn't reveal the meaning of the word "Mishka" until the end.

Miranda Mueller provided beautiful illustrations for Mishka.
Mo looked so cuddly that I wish I had a teddy bear just like him when I was younger. The book titled "Speak Russian" in the man's lap while he's on the plane, the tall buildings in the city, and the pictures of the orphange where Yuri lived, all brought the story to life in a meaningful and charming way.

A touching book to help any young child understand about adoption.

Title: Mishka: An Adoption Tale
Author: Adrienne Ehlert Bashista
Publisher: DRT Press
ISBN: 978-1-933084-01-5
U.S Price: $16.95

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