Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God Has a Purpose for Me by LaRonda Koffi--Book Review

God Has a Purpose for Me by LaRonda Koffi is a heartwarming and inspirational story of a young girl's quest to find God's purpose for her life.

When Aya hears the pastor of her church talk about fulfilling God's purpose in your life she's not quite sure what he is talking about and her attempts to make God happy leave her exhausted. With the help of her family, Aya is able to discover what fulfilling God's purpose in one's life is really about.

God Has a Purpose for Me is an excellent way to help children grow in their faith and knowledge of God in an entertaining and easily understood manner. Your young reader will instantly connect with Aya's confusion over how to fulfill God's purpose in her life; and just as your child would seek the advice of adults close to her, Aya asks her parents and grandmother to help her understand what the pastor meant by his sermon. I could also see this book encouraging more questions about God and spirituality from a young reader.

The illustrations provided by Victor Guiza are absolutely beautiful. They remind me of Kevin S. Collier's work. The bright colors and the attention to every last detail bring this wonderful children's story to life.

A story your child will enjoy reading time and again, God Has a Purpose for Me* is sure to touch your child's heart and help lead him on the right path.

Title: God Has a Purpose for Me
Author: LaRonda Koffi
Publisher: Jesus Loves Me Children's Books, LLC.
ISBN: 978-0-9817150-0-1
U.S. Price: $15.95

* For each book sold, $1.00 will be donated to Compassion International. To learn more about Compassion International you may visit their website at

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