Monday, August 25, 2008

The Detectives of Mary Burton's I'm Watching You

Today we'll be treated to character profiles of the two detectives in Mary Burton's romantic suspense novel I'm Watching You.

Detective Zachary David Kier, age 31, is six foot one, has jet-black hair and a lean athletic build. (Think Colin Farrell in SWAT.) He’s the second of four children. His older sister Eleanor has downs and works in his parents’ Italian restaurant, Zola’s. His younger brother is Malcolm, age 29, and he serves on the county’s SWAT team. Youngest sister is Tess who also works in the same police department in the forensics division.

Zack grew up in a great family with lots of love, laughter and hard work. His parents made him and all the Kier children believe that they could do whatever they wanted as long as they put their mind to it. After graduating college, Zack joined the police force. Zack is very competitive and has also embraced the sport of Triathlon.

Zack loves being a cop and when the chance to work on an undercover drug operation opened he jumped at the change. Unfortunately, the undercover work took an emotional toll on him and he found himself drinking more than he should. When he met his wife Lindsay, he cut back on his drinking for a time, but the pressures of work never vanished. Lindsay because of her own history had no patience for drinking and when he refused to get help, she left him. Initially, their separation made him drink more. But finally his brother Malcolm intervened and helped him to sober up.

When I’M WATHCHING YOU begins a now-sober Zack has joined the homicide division. He is not only determined to prove himself as a good homicide detective but he is also determined to win back his wife Lindsay.

Zack can be very sentimental. He recently bought a house in disrepair because it had been a favorite of Lindsay’s. He is determined to remodel it himself.

Detective Jacob Thomas Warwick, 34 is six foot two, dark brown hair and broad muscled shoulders. (Think Gerard Butler in training for 300). He has been a policeman for thirteen years. He has been on the homicide team for several years and proven himself to be a clever, hard-edged detective. An alcoholic, single mother raised Jacob. When he was twelve he decided to vandalize a local boxing gym. The owner, Pete, caught Jacob in the act but instead of taking him to the cops put the kid to work at the gym. In the boxing gym, Jacob found his first home. He quickly learned to love the gym and the sport of boxing. When Jacob’s mom died, Pete became his foster father. Jacob joined the army at eighteen and even became a Golden Gloves fighter. After the army, he became a cop and continued to box on the armature circuit. He has no patience for drunks and his “radar” tells him that Zack has had a drinking problem.

Jacob fully expects Zack to fall off the wagon and to disappoint him. Because of this bias, Jacob isn’t friendly to Zack and constantly second-guesses him. Zack hates this, but he understands that no amount of talking will win Jacob’s respect. Only time and solid police work will do that.

Both Jacob and Zack are alpha males who are type-A personalities. Their drive is what makes them great cops and plays havoc with their personal lives.

When Zack and Jacob are on the trail of a serial killer who has viciously killed and mutilated several victims, they do their best to put aside biases and worries and focus on the job. Towards the end of I’M WATCHING YOU they’ve learned to respect and even like each other. The book’s shocking violence puts both men to the test and you’ll have to read the book to find out which of these brave men passes and which one fails.

Mary Burton

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