Thursday, August 21, 2008

Author Spotlight: Danny Birt

Back Cover of Ending an Ending:

Existence is not supposed to be optional in this flat polytheistic world—it is the dictate of Etre, one of the world’s three founding gods. But Sanct, a man lacking memories, skills, and purpose, possesses (or is possessed by) an object that seemingly ignores the gods’ rules with impunity. To make matters even more confusing, Sanct is purportedly one of the gods’ servants.

But when the deities are forced to play by their own convoluted rules, even they can make mistakes.

Ending an Ending Excerpt:

"...don't you worry, lieutenant, I haven't forgotten my promise. I will still save you for dessert." The vampire's disembodied voice continued, now worming its way between those standing and those sitting. "This evening all I want is to learn about this Sanct that I find so fascinating.
"What I have before me is patently impossible – a man who is not a man… carrying a staff that does not exist. I must admit, sir, you are quite beyond my six thousand years of experience to fathom. Please, flatter me and answer my original question: what are you?"

About the author:

Danny Birt was born about twenty-seven years ago in Washington State to Irish and Californian parents. He attended New Mexico Military Institute in the small town of Roswell, NM for his high school and junior college years, then attended Loyola University New Orleans, for his next two college degrees in music therapy and psychology.

Danny has published science fiction, fantasy, and professional works in The Raintown Review, Strange Worlds of Lunacy,, and Musica Ficta. His fantasy series “The Laurian Pentology” is slated to be published through Ancient Tomes Press, starting in early summer 2008 with the book Ending an Ending.

In addition to literary publication, Danny composes classical and filk music, such as his nonstop hour-long piano solo, “Narcoleptic Pianist,” and the ever-peculiar album “Warped Children’s Songs.”

Danny also works as a Music Therapist and Massage Therapist with clients of multiple ages and populations.

Currently, Danny lives in Winchester, Virginia, and attends Shenandoah University in pursuit of his Music Therapy Master’s degree.

You can purchase your copy of Ending an Ending by Danny Birt and get to know him at

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