Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Author Spotlight: The Crimson General by Slawomir Rapala

Dispossessed at an early age, Aezubah has wandered the world in search of vengeance. On arid mountaintops, remote glaciers and burning deserts he has conquered demons from the edge of creation, wicked sorcerers, and evil kings. As a General, he is beloved of all the warriors who follow him.

But his victories are never final; he goes forth again and again with nothing but his horse, spear and sword, in loneliness and solitude, seeking the treasure that always eludes him: peace.

The Legend of Aezubah: The Crimson General is a sword and sorcery epic of human aspirations and tragedy. It shows how anyone can be both a villain and a hero and how even the smallest actions can change the world.

About the author: Slawomir Rapala is a fantasy and sword and sorcery author who lives in Cambridge, Ontario. Most of his fiction is featured in the Bewildering Stories magazine, but his poems have also been published in two Canadian anthologies, and he has co-authored articles appearing in academic journals on topics relating to immigration and disability.

Aside from writing, Slawomir loves traveling and when time permits, he and his wife enjoy plotting out another adventure. Until quite recently, they moved around a lot, having lived in Florida, Australia, and Poland for extended periods of time. Together they have traveled Australia and Tasmania, visited New Zealand, stopped by Hong Kong, and enjoyed the spectacular sights of the Grand Canyon, in Arizona.

Find out more about Slawomir and The Crimson General at Bewildering Press.

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