Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Rabbit and The Snowman by Sally O. Lee--Book Review

A charming tale of enduring friendship awaits you and your child in The Rabbit and The Snowman by Sally O. Lee.

One day a group of children walk many miles from their home and travel deep in the forest to a field and build a snowman. The children leave and the snowman waits for their return. But they never come back. Maybe there is something wrong with him. Then one day, a small rabbit bounces over to the snowman and they become friends. Winter turns to spring and the rabbit looks for his snowman friend, but he can't find him. Why would his friend leave? Maybe there is something wrong with him. But when winter returns again to the field, the rabbit finds the snowman waiting to talk to him and their friendship is renewed.

Young children and parents will adore this heartwarming story of everlasting friendship. As with Lee's book, The Cake Thief, young readers learn valuable skills to help them interact with peers: acceptance, how to enjoy the little things in life, and compassion.

Lee's illustrations in The Rabbit and The Snowman bring this story to life. Subtle, soft greens and purples mix with carrot orange and the black of coal to awe your child. My girls couldn't stop talking about how pretty the pictures are.

The one challenge I had was with the text. The selected font made it difficult to distinguish commas from periods and on the colored pages I found the letter "r" hard to identify.

A delightful story that children will enjoy reading time and again, The Rabbit and The Snowman by Sally O. Lee might just become a classic.

Title: The Rabbit and The Snowman
Author: Sally O. Lee
Publisher: BookSurge
ISBN-10: 1-4196-5625-2
ISBN-13: 9781419656255
U.S. Price: $14.99

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