Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dreamstarter Book by Jennifer Karin Sidford--Book Review

Every once in a while I receive a book that stands out because of its uniqueness. Such is the case with The Dreamstarter Book: 50 beginnings for creating adventurous bedtime stories, campfire tales, and dreams by Jennifer Karin Sidford.

How often have your children said, "Mommy, tell me a story."?

Not every parent is a natural storyteller--which is why The Dreamstarter Book is a great book for parents to have on their bookshelf. Included are 50 short story prompts to unlock the creativity within your six- to twelve-year-old and engage her in the storytelling process.

As a mother, Sidford realizes that sometimes a tired parent can't come up with a coherent thought, so pulling out The Dreamstarter Book and reading a story prompt to your youngster will help to get things started. And better than being told a story, this book allows your child to be involved by encouraging her to continue where the prompt left off. This book also includes instructions and ideas on how to use it effectively for anyone who lives, works, or plays with children.

Some of my favorite prompts from this book are:

* The Promise Book (Page 2) where Julia finds a book of empty pages, but when she goes to pick it up the next day the words, "Promise to be a good friend" appear and Julia might need that reminder when she sees some of her good friends picking on another child.

* The Homeless Dragon (Page 11) finds Emily discovering a dragon between the garbage pails behind her uncle's deli. When the dragon suddenly disappears, Emily is afraid for his safety.

* The Pirate Book (Page 23) finds Daniel stuck in the library instead of doing something more fun, while his sister, Ava sits happily reading. When Daniel finds an oversized book titled, The Complete Book of Pirates, he tries to yank it off the bookshelf and opens the door to another world.

An exciting way to unlock your child's imagination awaits in The Dreamstarter Book.

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Title: The Dreamstarter Book
Author: Jennifer Karin Sidford
Publisher: Cold Tree Press
ISBN-13: 978-1-58385-266-8
ISBN-10: 1-58385-266-2
U.S. Price: $12.95

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