Friday, July 18, 2008

Boomer Babes by Maria Grazia Swan

As my guest blogger today, author Maria Grazia Swan talks about the simple life of a Baby Boomer.

The Simple Life of Boomers

Today the trailer for my book, Boomer Babes-True Tales of Love and Lust in The Later Years, went up at YouTube. Guess what? The first e-mail was from a woman; she let me know she found the trailer offensive, she even used the word lewd. Then I got an enthusiastic e-mail from a man, “Great!” He said. Same trailer, same age group. That must be why I tend to hang out more with men.

Still, I couldn’t go a day without chatting with my girlfriends. When I was young, I used to wonder if ‘old’ people still found things to talk about. By old I meant people in their forties. I also used to wonder if the people over forty were still ‘doing it.’ Well now I know the answers to these questions are yes and yes! I don’t know about you, but I’m a lot happier now than I was in my twenties and I seem to get happier by the day. Maybe it is because I spend more time pampering myself, more yoga, more bubble baths, more sitting around reading books, watching movies, all the things I never had time for. And more quality time with friends--male and female—-we cook less, we enjoy our food more, we visit less often, but have more meaningful chats.

Even sex is better, different, in a good way. We know what we like and we don’t hesitate to ask for it. Would you have done that in your twenties? I was eighteen and never been kissed, living in extreme conservative and Catholic Italy. Had not thought about that part of my life in a long time.

Oh, yes, long live the boomers’ life-style.

About the Book:

Looking for some outrageous inspiration to kick start your love life? Or some sizzlingly salacious gossip about the woman who could be your next-door neighbor?

It's no surprise that the generation who burned bras and brought about The Summer of Love continues to redefine the way the world thinks about sex. Long-term lovers or one-night stands, there's nothing these women haven't tried. And now they dish on some of their dirtiest secrets.

Chock full of revolutionary real-life stories, tantalizing celebrity trivia and Cosmo-esque quizzes, Boomer Babes' wisdom can be put to use by women of any age.

About the Author:

Maria Grazia Swan is the winner of a Women's National Book Association award whose matchmaking has brought together a number of happy couples. She's now the go-to source for many online and print relationship guides.

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Cheryl said...

Thanks for joining us today Maria. I love this part: "Even sex is better, different, in a good way. We know what we like and we don’t hesitate to ask for it. Would you have done that in your twenties?"

Very true. I guess getting older isn't all bad, now is it? LOL!

Best of luck with your tour.