Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rules Are Rules by Julie Scandora--Book Review

Rules Are Rules is a charming tale of rules and compromise for young children and parents to enjoy.

Maya has a problem. All the adults in her life have stupid rules and she doesn't know why she should obey them. She's told by everyone that rules are rules, but why? And perhaps the worst rule of all is having to kiss Aunt Trudy when she comes to visit. With the help of Mrs. Morales and a noisy chickadee, Maya figures out a way to make everyone happy...even Aunt Trudy.

This beautifully illustrated story reaches right to the heart of children who don't always understand the need to follow the rules that adults set for them. As Maya talks over her problem with the kind, unassuming Mrs. Morales and listens to the chickadee's song, the reader experiences the change in Maya's mood and witnesses as she is led to find a solution. And this book will help children learn how to approach their parents and others about rules they believe to be unfair or that make them uncomfortable.

Kudos go out to Scandora for bringing Maya, Mrs. Morales, the chickadee, and Aunt Trudy to life with her stunning watercolor illustrations. This hardcover comes in a lovely bright purple, with Scandora's artwork in a golden yellow border adorning the front. The one curious thing I noted in the cover art is that the chickadee stands out more than Maya, prehaps highlighting the author's love of nature and the role that nature plays in the book.

Rules Are Rules by Julie Scandora is a book your youngster will ask you to read again and again.

Title: Rules Are Rules
Author: Julie Scandora
Publisher: Book Publishers Network
ISBN-10: 1-887542-64-7
ISBN-13: 978-1-887542-64-7
U.S. Price $17.95

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