Monday, May 5, 2008

Lies and Liberation by Barbara Berot--Book Review

Long-lost lovers reunite in a story that challenges fate and the gods.

Twenty-two years ago, Annie d'Inard and Andrew Gordon were separated by a horrible accident that left Andrew clinging to life. Upon his recovery, he goes through with his arranged marriage to Janet, though he knows he'll never stop loving Annie. When Andrew and Annie are reunited, it sets in motion a series of heart wrenching and horrifying events that leaves no one untouched by the cruel anger of one man bent on destroying all that Andrew holds dear.

Even though I found many things to enjoy about Lies and Liberation, there are also disappointments.

The setting of the story is perfectly chosen and eloquently described; the lives of British aristocracy and the romantic aura of France are realistically portrayed. Everything down to the meals and clothing was brought to life at the hands of Berot.

I could relate to Janet's jealousy, as much as I could relate to Annie and Andrew's need to be together. It is apparent that Berot took great pains to develop realistic, complex characters. She tested them at every turn; bringing them to their breaking points and amazing the reader with yet more trials and tribulations for them to overcome.

I have to admit, though, if I wasn't reviewing this title I never would have finished it. I spent the first 200 pages not sure what the point of the story was and it didn't really hook me until about 350 pages in, when the focus turned away from Annie and Andrew's sex life and the villian jacked up the stakes. Then the book became a page turner and I had to curb my desire to read ahead.

There were several places where the reader is subjected to reading the same information over again, just between different characters--which added to an already beefy book. And in places the author needlessly states the obvious. I noticed, too, that when the action picked up, the number of typographical errors did as well.

Overall, Lies and Liberation is a good read for those who enjoy stories filled with abundant descriptions and passionate romance.

Title: Lies and Liberation*
Author: Barbara Berot
Publisher: Streetcar Books
ISBN-10: 0-9748899-1-1
ISBN-13: 978-0-9748899-1-7
U.S. Price: $19.95

* This book is the sequel to When Europa Rode the Bull


Patricia Harrington said...

Just a note to say that this was a very well done review. I saw your post on MuseItBoard where you offered this as help to someone who had to write a difficult book review. I thought your analysis seemed fair and thoughtful. And I believe that a reader, who liked that kind of genre, would not have been turned off as far as seeking out the book. It appeared the good outweighed the parts that bogged down the narrative.

At any rate, just wanted you to know I thought your review was very well expressed and fair.

Pat Harrington

Cheryl said...

Thanks Pat. I appreciate you stopping by and letting me know your thoughts.

This book did have many fine qualities. I believe if some of the manuscript had been tightened up, it would have made for an even better read.