Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The New Feminized Majority "FEMINIZED VALUES" Contest

Democrats Have Values, Too

We are watching the first true 21st century election. It radiates Oprah-style celebrity, electric grass roots energy, and the rise of a new values voter. America is moving from the old masculinized morality of "Alone, I Will," to the new feminized world view of "Together We Can." Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's success shows the ascension of the New Feminized Majority, a multitude of millions of women and men voting in line with feminized values. This new majority is the base of the 21st century Democratic Party, and will battle in the general election against the masculinized morality of the old warrior, John McCain. They promise to be the defining element in the 2008 election. Stay tuned: this election will rewrite the American Dream and bring Americans together around a new and transformative world view.

On March 3, 2008, Charles Derber and Katherine Adam, authors of the book, The New Feminized Majority: How Democrats Can Change America with Women’s Values, are embarking on a virtual book tour around the world collecting letters from bloggers who would like to share their values and how those values impact their voting decisions.

If you would like to become involved in their tour, this is how it works:

1. Think of what values are important to you and how those values can impact who you vote for.

2. Post your message on your blog between now and March 1st and send us the exact link at cg20pm00(at)gmail(dot)com. Please put “Feminized Values” in your subject line.

3. When we receive your link, we will add it to Charles and Katherine’s tour page at The New Feminized Majority Virtual Book Tour ‘08.

4. But, that's not all! Charles and Katherine will pick one of the bloggers who participate to win a FREE copy of The New Feminized Majority. That's their thank you gift to you!

6. And not only that, we will promote your blog through our daily promotions using your blog post as part of their virtual book tour, thus bringing you lots of traffic in March!

7. We also ask that you include a jpeg copy of Charles and Katherine’s book, The New Feminized Majority, in your blog post. You can find their book cover at The New Feminized Majority tour page (you are welcome to copy and paste from there) and link it to where the book can be purchased from the publisher’s website at Paradigm Publishers.

That's all there is to it! Hurry before time runs out. Become involved in a nationwide campaign to tell the world what matters most to you. Share your values and become involved in CHARLES AND KATHERINE’S THE NEW FEMINIZED MAJORITY “FEMINIZED VALUES” CONTEST!

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