Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Deborah Woehr and Prosperity: A Ghost Story Virtual Book Tour

I've known Deborah for a little while now. She's hosted my clients at her Paranormal Watch blog. So when Dorothy asked me if I would host Deborah and Prosperity: A Ghost Story on their Virtual Book Tour, how could I say no? Actually, I never thought of saying no because Prosperity sounds like one fabulous and spooky story.

Amanda Thorne is an embattled clairvoyant, who refuses to believe in God or the afterlife, even when the ghost of her murdered husband confronts her from his grave. More ghosts confront her when she finds herself stranded in a tiny town in Arizona.

Two of them mistake her for a prominent woman who was murdered 79 years ago. One of them wants to avenge him for the murder, and the other wants to kill her all over again. She and her misplaced deputy friend must uncover the truth about the murder before history repeats itself.

I asked Deborah where her fascination with the paranormal came from and what resources she uses for research. I also thought it would be neat if she would share one of her favorite ghost stories with us. Here's what she had to say:

I’ve always been fascinated by the paranormal, especially where ghosts are concerned. I grew up reading all kinds of horror stories, but it was always the ghost stories that got my heart and mind going. Are they real, or is the character crazy? Is the malevolent ghost going to hurt them? In the case of a lost soul, will they receive help to get wherever it is that they are going to go?

Whether I’m writing an article for or a novel, I find that research is key to discovering great stories for my articles and gaining new ideas/insight for my novels. My favorite research tool is Google Alerts, which sends me news stories on the subject of the paranormal everyday. I also rely on paranormal sites such as TAPS and Finally, there is my best online friend, My paranormal book collection grows a bit each year.

Another key element in my research is history. What makes a place haunted? Who were the people that might be haunting this place, and why would they stay behind? Some examples are Sarah Winchester of the infamous Winchester Mystery House, the patients of Waverly Hills Sanitorium, and the guests of the Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield, Nevada.

The most fascinating story I’ve ever read was about the Monte Cristo Historic Homestead in Junee, Australia. I was reading an article about two journalists who fled after getting “spooked.” Their story was rather vague and uninspiring, but I clicked on the link to the Monte Cristo site and began reading various accounts of visitors breaking down crying for no apparent reason when they entered a certain room and stood in a certain spot, lights turning on throughout the mansion when no one was home, apparitions seen by visitors, etc.

Visit this link to read the accounts:

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Deborah said...

Thank you for having me, Cheryl! :) Prosperity was just listed on Amazon on Monday.