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Anita Hackley-Lambert's biography of a Pioneer of Civil Justice

Anita Hackley-Lambert is the former President/CEO of a fifteen-year-old information technology and engineering services firm and current founder of Hackley-Lambert Enterprises, Inc., an emerging portfolio of business opportunities, including HLE Publishing from which she has launced her new writing career.

Anita has envisioned a career in writing ever since the age of twelve, when she wrote her first unpublished book, NO WHERE TO RUN, a compelling story of sexual assaults she suffered beginning at age five.

She was inspired to write the life story of F.H.M. Murray, because of a promise she made to her mother to acknowledge and honor Murray's legacy. With publication of this book, the author hopes to spark the interest of historians, educators, scholars, educational institutions, black history collectors, genealogists, students, and family members of this outstanding historical figure. Her greatest desire is that each reader will come to know the essence of the man, F.H.M. Murray.

I asked Anita what was one of the surprising things she uncovered in her research about her great-grandfather F.H.M. Murray. Here is her response:

During my research on my great grandfather, I uncovered many treasures. For example, I located F.H.M. Murray’s personal first copy of the only book he authored, designed, hand bound, and printed from his own Murray Brothers Printing press and I discovered his personal journals, plus so much more.

My favorite discovery was when I first open one of his journals. To best describe this, here is a brief excerpt from the Introduction… A Mother’s Secret: A Daughters Revelation.

---------------------------------------- begin excerpt ---------------------------------------

“When I first set eyes on his journals, they looked like the same ones he had retrieved from his desk on my last visit with him – my emotions flooded in an unexplainable way. At first, I could not open them. I sat there in the room with my eyes shut and held them close.

When I opened my eyes and opened the first journal, dust from the century-old pages leaped into my nostrils and lodged in my throat. I struggled to breath. I coughed uncontrollably. While coughing, the room turned creepy and cold – my body took on an eerie feeling.

When the dust settled, my coughing stopped. I felt as if I were not alone.

As I looked down at the pages, I felt Grandpa’s presence right there – inside me! It was as if he was looking out through my eyes reading words he had written many years before – really! The strange feeling passed from my eyes, to my chest, to my heart, to my hands.

At that moment as I read his words, tears of joy flowed like rivers from my eyes – not my tears but his. Then strangely, a warm calm came over me. The tears stopped. I was certain Grandpa had given me his blessing to write his story. Then he left.”

---------------------------------------- end excerpt ---------------------------------------
This was the most amazing revelation of my entire life. I shall never forget the experience. I remember it like it was yesterday.

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