Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nelson Pahl and Bee Balms & Burgundy

Nelson Pahl is a Bronte Prize-winning and Maurier Award-winning author signed to the independent publishing house, Cafe Reverie Press. Indie Nation Magazine has called him "Indie Lit's most intriguing writer", so it's a huge thrill to be able to spotlight the work of such a talented author.

Bee Balms and Burgundy is the story of Nick May a successful Gen X entrepreneur now living in Vancouver. At 32, he's lost patience with live-in girlfriend Sonja, as well as business partner, Jason. Upon a late summer visit to his hometown of St. Paul, he reacquaints with childhood neighbor and lifelong friend, Mia. Unbeknownst to Nick, Mia is now a post-mastectomy breast cancer survivor, with her cancer currently in remission. She also harbors another powerful secret - one that will change Nick forever.

Aren't you just dying to read this novel? I would be, especially after hearing that Indie Nation Magazine named it "...the best love story you'll read this year!"

You can read a chapter from Bee Balms and Burgundy if you go to Nelson's website at and visit Nelson's blog Two Pents the Richer at for even more from this award-winning author.

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