Saturday, November 24, 2007

Enthralled by Nadia Aidan--Book Review

Smart, sexy, and strong characters battling a war against age-old traditions in the hopes of bringing peace to their planets is what you will find in Nadia Aidan's Enthralled.

Candace, the Queen of the Amazonian planet Kish, is as head-strong as she is beautiful. When the new King of Akkadia requests a meeting with Candace to share his plan to bring peace to their warring planets, she is not sure that Ares is sincere, but Candace cannot deny how attractive Ares is. They agree that they will be joined--it really is just a matter of business. Or is it?

Candace and Ares are unable to deny their growing feelings for one another, but neither of them is used to surrendering their will or their hearts. Problems arise for Candace and Ares, as they do their best to mix their drastically different cultures and maintain the peace that their joining has brought to Kish and Akkadia. But there are those who do not accept their joining, and Candace and Ares find themselves falling even more in love with each other as the danger increases.

With Enthralled, Nadia Aidan has created a spicy, romantic story filled with well-developed characters. Combining strength and beauty, Candace and Ares are the perfect romantic leads. It would be so easy in a story such as this to create flawless characters, but Aidan has gone to great lengths to display the strengths and weaknesses of all her characters. The reader gets a strong sense of the Amazonian and Akkadian cultures and how their pasts are a large obstacle for Candace and Ares to conquer, but the backstory never threatens to overwhelm the present day action.

The only challenge I found while reading Enthralled was the prolific use of the "F-word" and vulgar terms to describe certain body parts, which tends to define this genre. These words were scattered throughout this short novel and distracted me from the storyline at times. Overall, Enthralled is a great read for those who enjoy strong, sexy characters thrust into difficult situations, whose ultimate reward is the love that conquers all.

Title: Enthralled
Author: Nadia Aidan
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-0-595-46267-4 (pbk)
ISBN: 978-0-595-90564-5 (ebk)
US Price: $10.95

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