Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Top 5 Tuesday... Characters I Would Dress Up As

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Top 5... ... Characters I Would Dress Up As

Well, this could be really interesting for my 52-year-old self. We will just pretend I am younger and thinner, so this makes sense. :) 

Whether hunting or back in the arena, Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series looks like she is confident and comfortable in her own skin. Even when dressed in a way that is done solely to give the people of the Capitol what they want, she manages to give power to the people of the districts to move forward with their rebellion. I am all for comfortable clothes, but I might be able to pull off a gown on fire, right?

Tris from Divergent is another kick-your-butt female who evolves throughout the series. She remains true to herself and looks good doing it. Love Tris' street clothes and long hair. Not sure I could pull off that fitted dress and short do. 

Even when I was only 11 and read Little Women for the first time, I loved the character of Jo March. Unconventional, independent, and unafraid when it came to standing up for herself, she often wished she was a boy. Her clothes often rumpled and her hair running wild--except when she cut it rather than beg her aunt for money--she never compromised her beliefs. I could manage period dress (would enjoy it for a bit even) as long as I could rumple it and make it more comfortable like Jo does.

So, this one is a bit challenging because Laura Ingalls Wilder is a real person. The thing you learn about Laura Ingalls from the very beginning is that she--like me--is a tomboy. She likes fishing and spitting, but not so much being the good girl like her older sister Mary. I would like to dress in prairie dresses, especially if I could roll up the sleeves and make them comfortable like Laura did in the earlier seasons. Laura's red dress, the one she buys from Oleson's Mercantile for her first teaching job away from home, however, remains my favorite. Not sure I could survive in her world long, but I would last longer than in Katniss' and Tris' worlds. 

Whether dressed for school, to impress, or to kick some butt, Hermione Granger is a force to be reckoned with. Intelligent, clever and logical, she can be a bit bossy. Her fierce loyalty to her friends makes up for that. While she is a bit nerdy at the beginning, her genius-like intelligence helps Harry defeat Voldemort. I would love to wear some of her outfits, but my hair will never look like that. I can't go light and my hair is way too straight.

So, what do you think of this list? Do we share any of the same characters? 


Meeghan reads said...

I love this list!! Jo was always a favourite of mine too!!
I'm not sure age matters either. If I had a 6th space I would have said Granny Weatherwax from the Discworld series (although I'm probably more like Nanny Ogg in terms of height and width!!) 😂

Cheryl said...

Thanks, Meeghan. Jo is such a fun character. It was good to see her as she finds love on her terms and later runs a house for boys and girls.

Beware Of The Reader said...

Katniss would be an amazing choice indeed and a vast array of possible costumes!