Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Shelf Control - June 10

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This is a book now tucked into my closet waiting for me to read it.

BLURB: Days before the July Fourth holiday and the dedication of One World Trade Center at Ground Zero, an incident aboard a commercial jet reminds everyone involved that vigilance saves lives.

But New York Police detective Jeremy Fisk—from the department’s Intelligence Division, a well-funded anti-terror unit modeled upon the CIA—suspects that the event is a warning sign that another, potentially more extraordinary scheme has been set in motion. So when a passenger from the same plane disappears into the crowds of Manhattan, it’s up to Fisk and his partner Krina Gersten to find him before the celebrations begin... And time is running out.

DATE RECEIVED: Given this one from the publisher in the beginning of 2014. Yeah, way overdue.

WHY I WANT TO READ IT:  The second book in Wolf's Jeremy Fisk trilogy, The Execution, came out and the publisher sent me this and the second book as gifts for hosting the author. I've always liked Law & Order, so I figured it would be great to see how his work translated to a novel. 


Mallika@ LiteraryPotpourri said...

The sounds like a fast paced and exciting one!

Cheryl said...

I think so, Mallika. If his writing is anything like his TV shows, it will be a great read.

Thanks for visiting.

Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies said...

Ooh, this sounds very suspenseful and action-packed! I hope it's a good one!

neer said...

The concept is pretty interesting. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier and leaving this link.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for visiting, Lisa and Neer. I hope it's a good one, too.