Monday, May 11, 2020

Book Review: Child of the Earth by Susan Crow

If you enjoy books that share tales of everyday life and an appreciation of nature, then Child of the Earth by Susan Crow might be for you.

The follow up to Crow's memoir about growing up in rural Lincolnshire, Child of the Earth shares memories from her childhood, raising a family, and retirement. Stories of Christmas, Jack Frost, feathered friends, flowers, and more of nature fill the pages. Tidbits of history and poetry along with reflections about the world and its resources abound, with beautiful full color photos along the way.

When I first saw the cover, I thought this was a children's book, so I probably should have paid better attention. For me, Child of the Earth was like a long ramble in the woods, it went here and there without much cohesiveness except the knowledge there was a beginning to the journey so there must be an end. The conclusion encourages our generation to connect with the natural world at least as much as our ancestors did and not to be careless of nature's resources.

While Child of the Earth was not what I expected, I enjoyed some of the stories. I truly think it's hard to get people invested in your life unless you've done something remarkable or unless they connect to your story in a personal way. The author's memoir, Child of the Isle, was a bestseller, so she definitely has an audience. Perhaps you will connect with this book better than I.


Growing against the friendly grey stone wall of our garden is a perfect Mothers’ Day gift of 2013. Dog roses. They are new but already showing great promise. The rose, in all its forms, has always pleased me – except, perhaps, for the poor blue rose which no one has been able to perfect. No matter how intricate a breeding programme is set up, it is a sad reflection on human intervention in the natural world. Not as sad as hunting animals to extinction but, even so, it makes one ponder.

Susan grew up in the Isle of Axholme, which inspired the Crowvus best-seller, Child of the Isle. She has a deep love of nature which is apparent in all her writing from the poems she has had published in various anthologies, to her 2020 release, Child of the Earth.

Susan released Rosie Jane and the Swodgerump as part of the John O’Groats Book Festival. This story was written and inspired by raising her six children in Orkney. After moving to England for a while, Susan finally returned to North Scotland in 2009, and continues to write her monthly blogs, What’s It Like Up There?

Her latest book, Child of the Earth, is a nature companion, drawn from her own experiences throughout her life. It provides a colourful telling of Susan’s encounters with nature, told with a style which makes it accessible to all readers.

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Goddess Fish Promotions said...

Thanks for hosting!

Mya Goss said...

I have the HUGEST passion for nature. I used to clean up homeless camps. I would absolutely think this book was made for me.

James Robert said...

Great post and I appreciate getting to find out about another great book. Thanks for all you do and for the hard work you put into this. Greatly appreciated!

susancrowauthor said...

Thank you for sharing the book, Cheryl.

Mya, I'm delighted you think you'll connect with my book. I genuinely hope to engage with readers who share my passion for the natural world. Your work in cleaning up homeless camps makes me think we are on the same wavelength - always seeing the bigger picture.

James, thank you for your comment. I loved putting the book together so it is rewarding to connect with likeminded readers.

Merwinn2 said...

I love the cover! I would definitely read this book!

Bernie Wallace said...

Sounds like an interesting read. I hope your book is a success.

susancrowauthor said...

Thank you Merwinn, I will pass on your kind comment to my daughter who designed the cover. She knows how I love the little wren. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

Thank you Bernie. I'm hoping those who read it will find it connects with them, and together we can be Friends of Nature!

Gwendolyn Jordan said...

I like the cover

Rita Wray said...

I liked the excerpt.

susancrowauthor said...

Thank you Gwendolyn and Rita - I'm really glad you do. :)

Cheryl said...

I am glad to see such a great response to this book. Thank you for visiting.

Debbie P said...

This looks and sounds like a wonderful book!

Cheryl said...

Thanks to all who visited. Good luck with the giveaway.

susancrowauthor said...

Thank you Debbie. I think it is something quite fresh and yet, hopefully, able to connect readers with that which is as old as the hills - the natural world.

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